WON membership

Before applying for membership please read our rules, "Huishoudelijk reglement" and our membership fee schedule below.

Membership fees

Per yearRemark(s)
Membership Feecompany base fee€ 100.-a)
+ representatives 1-3€ 50,-each
+ representatives 4-€ 10,-each
Reduced Membership Fee€ -.-b), c)
Retired Members, etc€ -.-d)


a) Membership fee includes attendance of the general meetings by at most 2 representatives per member; for 3rd and following representatives a surcharge will be required. Incidental attendance by non-members may be requested.

b) Should membership[ commence after 31st of october and no general meeting is scheduled for the remainder of the year, a membership fee is due only starting the next calendar year.

c) Upon request, to be addressed to the board. *)

d) Upon request, to be addressed to the board as soon as the new situation rises (retirement or dismissal without continuation of patent information specialist activities as an independent professional).

*) According article 6.7 "huishoudelijk reglement".


To properly process your application we need the following data:


Invoice data (only if different from company data)

1st representative

2nd representative (optional)

Send these data to: secr@won-nl.org