Inventarization of strange, crazy, funny, or special patent publications

Introductory remarks

1. The accompanying list of remarkable patent publications is a compilation of everything that came under my eyes from literature, private collections, and own observation. Everything is included, much could be improved, completed or pruned. Not everone has the same sense of humor!

2. Every entry includes:
.a. a publication number (application or patent number is sometimes not clear, in particular for JP)
.b. a code assigned by me to the publication, to indicate the subject matter as described below
.c. The year of publication of the document
.d. Name of the first inventor.
.e. A code I used to indicate the place where I found or stored the publication
.f. A short description of the reason the document was included.

3. Certain groups groups exist of patents that fit into this compilation, but which publications are usually not included.
.Examples of these groups are:
.-- Perpetua mobilia in the IPC-classes F03B 17/04 F03G 7/10 H02K 53/00 H02N 11/00.
.-- The patent publications of Arthur P.Pedrick in GB from ±1972-1975
.Also, strange titles etc. are usually not included. These are the subject of earlier WON-publications.

4. It is attempted to avoid inclusion of similar publications from one same patent family.


Veldhoven, 29 maart 2000

Herman J. v.d.Bergh


Classification of the patent publications.


categorie    A -- Articles of (everyday) use   

                             Household articles


categorie    B - Peculiar combinations

categorie    C -- Animals

                            Interaction and care


                            Pest control

categorie    D - Our own body (dead or alive)

                             1 - Personal care



                             2 -- Medicine

                             3 - (Only too) human


category    E -- Transport

                             1 - Aircraft

                             2 -- Watercraft

                             3 - Land vehicles

                                     31 -- On rails

                                     32 - Motor vehicles without rails

                                     33 - Other vehicles, e.g. bicycles

categorie    F -- Military

                          Crime and prevention

categorie    G -- Theatre, movies


                           Sport and games

                           Art, music

categorie    H -- Impossible, utopistic

categorie    I -- Quantities

                         Numbers, text

categorie    J -- Miscellaneous

                          Otherwise funny

categorie    K -- Basic patents


New additions

US6467728 E1 2002 Deutsche Lufthansa AG *)   Aircraft passenger cabin with a stand for transporting a passenger in an upright position.
US2004177433 D2 2004 Reydel, Boris *)   Anti-constipation method and device.
GB2452570 A 2009 Taylor, Paul John *)   A cover for protecting a tobacco product from rain during outdoor smoking of the tobacco product.
US5942975 A 1999 Sörensen, Jörn *)   Method and a device for sensing the distance between a first object and a second object. Especially useful when using a chain saw - BUT : "A common mistake people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools." - Douglas Adams .
US2003083544 H 2003 Richards, Catherine *)   Method and apparatus for finding love.
US6370744 B 2002 Mendez, Daniel *)   Car shaped coffin construction.
US7017195 D1 2009 Buckman, Robert F *)   Air bag inflation device. As in a car, but now e.g. in pants to protect against a fall.
  *) Thanks to the 2009 PSATSCAN Calendar of Bizarre Patents.
US2004005535 H 2004 Knauer, George   Reincarnation process.
US2053882 I 1935 Vaughan, Howard A   Ax. - Shortest title.
US2003173072 I 2003 Shell   Forming openings in a hydrocarbon containing formation using magnetic tracking. 8958 claims
US5408417 I 1995 Wilder, Wilford B   Automated ticket sales and dispensing system. Claims of 7799 words.
WO2004030615 2004 Genentech   Compositions and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of tumor. 7273 pages
US2002174863 J 2002 Saric, Jerko   Unknown.
EP1064848 NL1012463 C 2001 MEYN FOOD PROC TECHNOLOGY BV   Apparatus for cutting off the arse of slaughtered poultry.
ZA9009932 A 19991 Mueller, Norman   Washing machine See picture.
AU2007203205 J 2009 XSPECT   Jesus loves you.
US5625688 A 1997 Joseph E Ford   Shower telephone.
GB1070600 J 1967 Karl Krøyer   Method of raising sunken or stranded vessels. The method uses a large volume of light balls. It turned out to be not new as it had been published in Donald Duck magazine where ping-pong balls were used!
WO2009003492 D2 2009 L Briox   MHC multimers, methods for their generation, labeling and use ; 1481 claims.
US2004118037 J 2004 Frank Catalano   Three-year method of transforming a lawn into a stable, healthy plant community.
US2920841 E1 1960 Arnold Junker   Helicopter with body attaching means.
US3019769 A 1962 Elmer L Ballard   Writing aid.
US3384934 A 1968 CG Bush   Inventor: Clinton G Bush Jr.
US5234421 C 1993 Joy Lowman   Diaper for incontinent dogs.
US2003075208 A 2003 McMullin M S   Beerbrella This is indeed what you might think it is.
WO9424852 1994 Moser A   Device for collecting canine liquid waste.
GB2136663 1984 Kohli A   Agricultural spraying apparatus.


AU7485581 C-D1-J 1981 W.Muller B   Solar cell powered ventilator to keep flies away from the head - can be attached to head band.
AU1418288 H 1990 G.N.Halley   Improved pension benefits system.
AU6937491 D1-G-J 1992 R.H.Sheens J   Exercise apparatus: A sled with weights attached to pull up a slope.No abstract NO PDF.
AU9352093 G 1994 A.L.Foord   Golf ball with parachute.PN corrected NO AB PDF.
AU2171295 C 1995 A.McClure J   Apparatus to catch insects spiders bugs and so with a pistol grip which makes it possible to use one hand only.
AU2486295 D1 1996 M.Sussich J   Tongue brush to clean mouth and teeth. No abstract NO PDF.
België Belgium.
BE817358 D1 1974 J.Barouk   Frying or grilling sliced bananas for sale in bags.NO PDF.
BE851033 D2 1977 F.Demanet   Treatment of ulcers by covering them with soaked bread and a cabbage leaf. NO AB PDF.
BE851034 D2 1977 F.Demanet   Cancer treatment by pressing on the aorta.NO AB PDF.
BE851035 D2 1977 F.Demanet   Treatment of nervousness with herb soup..NO AB PDF.
BE851036 D2 1977 F.Demanet   Treatment of Tubercolosis and other diseases with HCN and Cerium.NO AB PDF.
BE1001769 H 1990 D.Destickere   Power producing natural magnetic motor with slight propulsion (permanent mobility)NO PDF.
BE1008240 D1 1996   Equipment for recovering body heat to reuse it in critical conditions.NO PDF.
CA149824 I   458 claims. See at the CA site: CA149824.
DE225 A-F 1877 E1   Gun attached to money bag.Number found in Espacenet, but only a IPC is available.
DE1368 A-D1 1877 E1   Glasses coming with coloured foils to see everything colorfull. Number found in Espacenet, but only a IPC is available.
DE2263 E33 1878   Velocipede moved forwards by up and down motion of saddle ; By pushing feet from ground. Number not found in Espacenet
. Not further checked for the old patents
DE4208 E33 1878   Vehicle moved forwards by up and down motion of saddle. Number not found in Espacenet.
DE4316 D1 1878 E1   Ventilator for airing hats, helmets etcetera.
DE5303 A-G 1878 E1   Musical instrument producing tones by burning gas flames in tube.
DE5683 B 1878 E2   Cane for storing liquor.
DE6936 B 1879 E2   Table that can be changed into stairs.
DE8592 A-D1 1879 E1   Bath that can be shaken by some kind of cart.
DE8640 C 1879   Groing insects as bait for catching fish.
DE8855 B-D1 1879 E2   Ring that can be changed into two earrings.
DE9448 A-F 1879 E1   Purse protected against theft by an alarm clock signal (fills the purse completely !).
DE9478 A-D1 1879   Pipe system to remove and burn the corpse gas from coffins.
DE9762 B 1879 E2   Tobacco pipe in walking cane.
DE11935 B-D1 1880 E2   Hanging cross that can be changed into a brooch or earrings.
DE11946 B-D1 1880 E2   Brooch that can be changed into a bracelet.
DE12395 E2 1880   Torpedo boat with collapsible drivers.
DE12554 A 1880   Match box with pictures created by chemical reactions on paper.
DE12603 B 1880 E2   Cigar sharpener in walking cane.
DE13046 B-D1 1880 E2   Ring that can be changed into a bracelet.
DE13049 B-D1 1880 E2   Ring that can be changed into a bracelet.
DE13061 B-D1 1880 E2   Medaillon that can be changed into a bracelet.
DE13147 B-D1 1880 E2   Medaillon changeable into two cuff buttons.
DE13272 E2 1880   Ship moving forward by the wave motion of the water.
DE13765 C-E33 1880   Car powered through a walking wheel with a dog in it.
DE13772 E2-E31 1880   Ship powered by wheels which can also ride on rails on land.
DE13951 C-G 1880 E1   Toy animals that can drink and that can be molken.
DE14755 B-D1 1881 E2   Medaillon that can be changed into two cuff links.
DE15412 G 1881   Artficial vulcano on stage with lamps etcetera.
DE15812 D1-G 1881   Installation in mouth to blow smoke figures.
DE18865 E33 1881   Tandem velocipede with the front man stepping on a cranhshaft and the second man moving up and down on the saddle.
DE19020 A-B 1881 E1   Buggy with music work - to avoid hearing the baby noises.
DE19710 B 1882 E2   Tobacco pipe in walking cane.
DE20395 C-E33 1882   Wagon powered by a horse on a walking band in the cart.
DE20448 A 1882   Beautiful pictures on paper by action of chemicals.
DE20799 B-D1 1882 E2   Hat that can be changed into an umbrella.
DE21747 D1 1882   Cigaret with an image that develops by the smoke.
DE22148 B 1882 E2   Umbrella changeable into a flower bouquet.
DE23772 B 1883 E2 T   Tobacco pipe in walking cane.
DE25073 B-D1 1883 E2   Hat changeable into in umbrella.
DE26171 B-G 1883 E1   Question and answer game on a Remonitoir clock.
DE27306 B 1883 E2   Sleaping sofa changeable into a bed.
DE27427 D1-J 1883 E5 Pipe system to remove the corpse gas from a coffin.
DE28186 E2 1884   Wedge shaped submarine that works on gravity alone.
DE30105 K 1885 P.Nipkow B   Electric telescope (Nipkov disk).
DE30798 B 1884 E2   Pullable table (???) that can be changed into a bed with washbasin.
DE31185 B-G 1885 H.Melde J   Swing that can be used as a pump crank.
DE31604 E33 1884   Wagon powered by a spring that has to be wound up by the driver.
DE31928 B 1884 E2   Ladies parasol from with e.g. perfume can be sprayed.
DE31941 B-G 1885 E1   Question and answer game on a clock model with ticking mechanism.
DE32411 A-D1 1885 E1   Juwelry with enhanced beauty by a clock.
DE32906 B-D1 1885 E2   Hairband that can be changed into a collar.
DE34124 B 1885 E2   Walking cane with storage space for e.g. liquor.
DE34644 B 1885 E2   Medaillon changeable into field glasses or a loupe.
DE36575 B 1885 E2   Watchchain changeable into a pen holder.
DE37004 B 1885 E2   Candleholder in walking cane.
DE38085 C-E1 1886   Air ship propelled by birds.
DE39805 C-E33 1886   Wagon powered by a horse walking on a crankshaft in the vehicle.
DE40773 B 1887 E2   Ballows in a walking cane.
DE42097 B-D1 1887 E1   Jewelry with perfume holder in it.
DE42714 D1-G 1887   Installation in mouth to form smoke figures.
DE42984 B 1887 E2   Walking cane with opening for liquid (booze?).
DE43548 E33 1887   Tricycle moved by a person walking on band in the vehicle.
DE45716 B 1888 E2   Umbrella that can be changed into a playing cards table (for in the train etc).
DE46423 A-B-F 1889 R.Krügener   Secret photocamera in book.
DE47456 D1 1888 E1   Glasses attached to a hat.
DE48286 C-F 1889   Warning a forester for game thieves by a wire with explosives in trees.
DE50975 A 1889 E1   Counter weights to prevent toppling of a child wagon.
DE51766 A-D1 1889 E1   Generating waves in bath through a bubbly bottom.
DE51966 E33-H 1889   Flee wheel drive for bike (perpetuum mobile).NO TI AB PDFbut available from Depatisnet: DE000000051966A
DE52305 E33 1889   Kind of bike with a rocking chair to move the pedals.
DE52403 B 1889 E2   Childs bed changeable into a walking rack.
DE52437 B-D1 1889 E1   Hat with a notebook within.
DE55443 A-B-F 1891 E.Bloch   Detective camera e.g. in tie-pin.
DE56245 D1-D2 1891 H.Bingham   Completely burning tobacco by adding asbestos.
DE56320 E2 1890   Submarine with two hulls, the outer one rotates and drives the ship.
DE56567 B 1890 E2   Tobacco pipe inside a walking cane.
DE56950 H 1890   Impossible machine; rotates by changing the center of gravity in hollow tubes in a wheel.
DE57766 E31 1890   Train without wheels, powered by loose wheels on the rails.
DE58853 C-G 1891 E5   Training of wild animals by electrical shocks.
DE58870 A-B-D1 1891 K.F.Jekeli   Photocamera inside hat.
DE58909 C-G 1891   Crocodile with beak eating jugglers at trapeze.
DE59131 A-C 1891   Clock running through a bowl with goldfish.
DE59171 E33 1891   Hydraulically movable cart which is powered by rowing motions.
DE59469 B 1891 E2   Penholder inside walking cane.
DE59759 G 1891   Maze with replacable rotatable intersections increases the difficulty.
DE61695 A 1892 H.Bratke E1J   Ballows under the arm of the sculptor to blow the dust away.
DE62193 A 1891 E1   Pulling up the clock weights by opening and closing of doors.
DE62344 B 1891 E2   Child's bed changeable into many things like a cart, sledge or table.
DE73495 E2 1891   Paddle-boat.
DE64321 B 1891 E2   Walking cane with space for drink and glass.
DE67461 E31 1892   Absorbing the shock of a train collision by a water cylinder which empties in fine rays after the impact.
DE67548 E33 1892   Bicycle powered by a spring wound up by hand.
DE67552 B 1892 E2   Toiletries inside walking cane.
DE68594 A 1892 E1   Child's wagon with collapsible legs to walk up stairs.
DE70848 B 1893 E2   Suitcase changeable into a beach-chair.
DE71069 B 1892 E2   Walking cane with space for liquid (booze?).
DE71458 A 1893 E1   Waking apparatus which works through an explosion. The flame lights a lamp.
DE71888 E2 1893   Submarine powered by manually controlled pedals.
DE72739 B 1893 E2   Knapsack changeable into a chair or sorage space.
DE74211 E2 1892   Forwards moving of a ship by large wheels as floating bodies.
DE74978 B 1893 E2   Bag shaped covering usable as bed.
DE75187 B-E33 1893 E2   Sail on a bike to move forwards by the winf ; changeable into an umbrella.
DE75733 E33 1893   Bicycle moved forwards by a wind mill on the steering wheel.
DE76726 B 1894 E2   Tobacco pipe inside walking cane.
DE78019 C 1894   Putting fly maggots in meat, usable as fish food ; afterwards the flies are suffocated in adjacent space.
DE80873 B 1894 E2   Umbrella changeable into a cards table.
DE81213 B 1894 E2   Walking cane changeable into a sofa.
DE81252 E33 1894   Pressed air engine powered by air pressurized by pulling a handbrake.
DE82277 A 1894 E1   Installation to prevent a child getting upright in a child's wagon.
DE83102 G 1894   Hanging exercises for an athlete with arm extension pieces.
DE83155 B-E2-E33 1894 E2   Tent changeable into a boat or sled.
DE83933 A-D1 1895 E5   Coffin with alarm installation in case of apparent death.
DE87136 H 1895   Energy of motion can be converted into heat - e.g. rotating a kettle heats the water.
DE87597 A-D1 1895 E1   Making waves in the bath water by hand or engine powered wheels (paddles???).
DE87811 E1 1894   Hot-air balloon moved forwards by shaking motions of the air propeller.
DE89182 E33 1895   Vehicle powered by the swing in which one is sitting.
DE89214 B 1895 E2   Suitcase usable as sleeping bag.
DE90083 A-C 1896   Fire alarm through animals. They become inconscious and fall down on electrical contacts triggering the alarm.
DE90320 B 1896 E2   Suitcase that can be changed into a bed.
DE91177 D1 1896 E1   Hat with mirror on the inside.
DE91266 B 1896 E2   Backpack changeable into a stretcher or hammock.
DE91492 C-G 1896   Panaroma of zoo (Hagenbeck).
DE92128 D2 1896 E5   Tatterometer to measure the vibrations (shaking) of the hand.
DE101253 A-D3 1897 E3   Toilet paper with advertisement.
DE101412 A-D1 1897 E1   Making waves in bathwater by a seesaw at the bottom.
DE101698 B 1898 E2   Chair changeable into a stretcher.
DE101768 E2 1897   Big roller used to move a ship forwards; the inside is the passenger's cabin.
DE101841 A-D1 1898 E1   Ornament with a small light bulb inside.
DE102523 F 1898   Wheels with axle as aid to learn soldiers creep.
DE102952 G 1898   Viewing window attached to to the back of a dancer to sea the surroundings like the dancer sees it.
DE104096 E1 1898   Moving a hot-air baloon forwards by explosion.
DE105239 A 1898 E1   Writable watch glass to remember appointments.
DE105357 A-D1 1899 E1   Making waves in the bathwater by a seesaw at the bottom.
DE106173 E2 1898   Moving a ship forwards by large balls as floating bodies.
DE108080 E33 1898   Bicycle driven by a complicated set of bars powered by back and arm motions.
DE108639 C 1899   Cultivating tropical insects in moderate climates.
DE109569 K 1898 V.Poulsen B   Wire-recorder.
DE110533 C-D1 1899 E1   Gem stone for ornament made of solidified fish eyes.
DE110728 A 1899 W.v.Wolf B   Head pillow with empty spaces for the ears.
DE111080 B 1899 E2   Smoking gear inside walking cane.
DE111133 H 1899   Impossible engine for all kinds of fuel moving back and forth.
DE115039 E1-E31 1899   High track vehicle kept up in the air by balloons.
DE115165 G 1900   "Reverse building"; Mirrors makes that the visitors are also standing upside down.
DE116221 B 1899 E2   Smoking gear in walking cane.
DE118415 E31-E33 1898   Train powered by air pressure through a kind of failing (???) mail.
DE119950 E33 1900   Bicycle powered by windmill at the front wheel.
DE122163 A 1900 E1   Umbrella with built in ventilator.
DE122339 A-D1 1900 E1   Rocking a bath by a cross axle.
DE122788 A-D1 1900 E1   Bathwater waving by a curved bottom.
DE127520 A-D1 1901 E1   Moving back and forth in a bath by a cart at the bottom.
DE130011 B 1901 E2   Waterpipe inside walking cane.
DE135643 D1-F 1901 E1   Protection against hat swapping by rotatable point in the sweat leather.
DE137512 C 1902   Filling uterus of cattle with glass balls to prevent pregnancy.
DE137944 F 1902   Preventing theft by hindering the thief with gas that affects sight and smell.
DE140936 C 1901   Cooling or ice-bag for heated horse heads.
DE142389 D1 1902 E1   Mould to comb the parting in the hair.
DE142827 E31 1902   Reducing the roller resistance at the underground by repulsive electromagnets making the train hover.
DE143051 E31 1902   Preventing collisions by a sloping wagon with rail to intercept the approaching train .
DE144044 E31 1902   Driving a train by periodically raising and lowering of the carrying line (???).
DE144734 D1 1902   Preventing drowning in a swimming pool by a raisable net at the pool bottom.
DE134817 A 1902 E1   Back and forth movement of a child's wagon on a seesaw Needs quite some space !.
DE145865 C-G 1903   Stage for performances, carried by an elephant.
DE147438 A 1903 E1   Keybasket with ticking works to prevent loss.
DE148630 C 1903   Dog with lamp tied to it to search game in their holes.
DE150042 I 1901   Here are 51 pages of text with 96 figures..
DE152505 D1 1903   Large bended shoes to allow taking big steps.
DE154566 E2 1902   Tanker consisting of three interwoven drums.
DE155652 B 1903 E2   Suitcase changeable into a bed.
DE155679 G 1903   Kind of shadow image performance.
DE155905 B 1903 E2   Backpack changable into a field bed.
DE155995 C-G 1904   Hurling around animals (horses) for a performance.
DE156846 A 1904 E1   Swinging a child's wagon.
DE157099 E31 1904   Energy for illumination in atrain obtained from the train's swinging.
DE160680 D1 1904   Large bended shoes to allow taking big steps.
DE160719 B 1904 E2   Child's table changeable into a crib, wagon or cart.
DE161281 B 1904 E2   Sleeping couch changeable into a bath.
DE161394 D1-H 1904   Artificial hair growth by mercury salt solution on aluminium.
DE162310 B-E33 1904   Heating and cooling respectively of bike saddle; also for drinks under the saddle.
DE162683 C 1904   Cultivation bed for rain worms.
DE163138 E31 1904   Energy for train illumination obtained from the relative rocking motion of the train wagons.
DE163398 B 1904 E2   Child's chair changeable into a walking rack or a swing.
DE164270 F-G 1904   Installation to hang a villain on stage.
DE167859 C 1905   Catching Eel and lobster by using bait like a cut-off cow's head.
DE171345 C-G 1905   Hurling around animals for a performance.
DE171918 B 1905 E2   Backpack changeable into a hammock, travel blanket or small chair.
DE172614 B 1905 E2   Beach chair changeable into a suitcase.
DE174758 G 1904   Rotating stage existing of a large sphere with a concave bottom.
DE176922 C-G 1906   Letting one animal hunt another in a helical rink.
DE180533 E31 1906   Approaching trains on a single rail designed to go through each other.
DE181413 A-D1 1906 E1   Keep a cigar burning by a swing kept moving by a clockwork.
DE187602 D1 1906 E1   Heating bathwater by quick lime !!.
DE188121 C 1906   Protecting draught animals against sun and heat by a pump on the wagon.
DE188455 A-D1 1906 E1   Cylindrical barrel as rotating bath; the bather himself does not need to move.
DE190862 A-C 1906   Winding a clock by the motion of a bird in a cage.
DE194826 B-C 1907 E2   Installation to catch birds in a walking cane.
DE194988 G 1906   Apparition made by luminous paint.
DE199127 B-F 1908 H.Weszling   Photographing burglars by camera in door.
DE200705 A-B-D1 1907 E1   Ornament combined with watch; changeable by the winding button.
DE209062 E1 1907   Providing an hot-air balloon with electricity by a wire connected to a mast.
DE209926 B-F 1908   Saws connecte to uniform collar as protection; (look like distinguishing signs).
DE213916 G 1908   Bells distributed through the theater start ringing through a transmitter signal.
DE215169 A-B 1908 E1   Vacuumcleaner energized by father in rocking chair.
DE218535 B 1908 E2   Hammocks changeable into lying chair.
DE218841 C 1909   Artificial tail for horses from which the tail was cut.
DE219147 A 1909 E1   Waking apparatus that pulls off the blankets.
DE222250 A 1909 E1   Burning glass construction to light a cigar.
DE222719 B 1908 E2   Hammocks changeable into a lying chair.
DE231241 B-D1 1909 E1   Hat with rearview mirrors.
DE231364 C-G 1910   Top powered by walking dogs, horses etcetera or cyclists.
DE234702 A-D1 1910 E1   Self lightening cigar or cigarette.
DE235849 D1-F 1910 E1   Protection of hat against theft by cross bars.
DE237249 C-E31 1909   Keeping cattle from the railway tracks by rotatable leggers ??? in which bullets make a lot of noise.
DE237480 E1 1910   Fast connecting installation for more balloons.
DE241240 D1 1911 J.Hamilton   Making people look thinner by photography through a bend mirror.
DE245590 C 1911   Arms, extensable through a clockwork (+ advertisement) to chase flies away.
DE247482 D1 1912 M.Fabiani E11J   Aid for mountaineers: Engine on the back drives the feet.
DE247483 G 1911 E1   Tool to learn to dance by forcing the right steps.
DE249375 B 1812 E2   Chair changeable into stairs ???.
DE249842 B-G 1911   Musical instruments underneath chairs in a theatre, played through a transmitter.
DE254806 B 1812 E2   Cupboard changeable into stool and aisle.
DE259635 D1 1912 W1   Blind like shirt (easy wearing).
DE261054 B-D1 1912 E2   Necklace changeable into bracelet.
DE266138 B 1912 E2   Arm chair changeable into a table with small bank.
DE266150 B 1913 E2   Seat changeable into a table with small bank.
DE266414 A-D1 1913 F.Thiele E5J   Mirror and lamp in coffin to observe the deceased.
DE269519 C 1912   Scarecrow in the shape of a hunter with lightening eyes.
DE269838 D1-F 1912 E1   Protection of hat against theft by cross bars.
DE275631 D3 1913 E3   Adjustable fet support for toilet.
DE276105 F 1913 E1   Revolver in the shape of a pocket watch.
DE290734 E2 1914   Driving a ship through a curved hull; ship goes in circels.
DE292611 F 1915 S.Schocken E12J   Helmet with lighting bulb at the back so soldiers in front position can be recognized.
DE292928 B 1915 E2   Installation to store burning cigars in a walking cane.
DE311240 B 1917 E2   Traveling medicine kit in walking cane.
DE312014 D1-G 1918   Stage with holes through which air can be blown e.g. to blow up skirts.
DE313304 A 1918 E1   Can can be opened through a melting pattern after which the lid can be removed.
DE313983 G 1918 E1   Playing board in the shape of a swastika.
DE314672 A-D1 1918 E1   Burning glass construction to lighten a cigar.
DE314802 E1-F 1918   Installation to create the impression that an airplane crashes. The real one will no longer be shot at.
DE314940 A-E1 1913   Postcards etcetera a glider.
DE315084 D1 1914 E5   Ball under shoes gives off a tone to identify the right way of walking.
DE315874 E31 1918   Platform constructed a s a conveyor to let people get on and off the train when the train does not stop.
DE316474 C-E33 1918   Driving a wagon by a horse on a conveyor in the wagon.
DE324248 A 1919 E1   Waking apparatus that strokes the face with a brush.
DE326492 A-B-D1 1920 O.   In bowler hidden photocamera.
DE329583 F 1919   Preventing theft by bringing the thief in contact with gas that effects vision and smell.
DE331183 D1 1919 E1   Ordinary coal usable as black pearl.
DE338282 H 1919   Water warmed by pressing it through a narrow opening.
DE340527 F 1919   Preventing theft by bringing the thief in contact with gas that effects vision and smell.
DE340742 D1 1920   Wing wheels ??? attached to the knees enable walking through water.
DE341625 G-J 1919   Walking on a ball like a trained bear in the circus.
DE342611 B 1915 E2   Backpack changeable into a seat.
DE344683 F 1919   Preventing theft by bringing the thief in contact with gas that effects vision and smell.
DE347007 G 1921   Sounding musical instuments by touching invisible wires.
DE347717 D1 1921 E1   Coal usable as black pearls.
DE348136 E1-G 1919   Cooling of a propeller for a Houdini ??? hanging under an airplane.
DE349747 D3 1920 E3   Softening steel by after the glowing fast cooling it in bodily bowel excretion.
DE350642 B 1920 E2   Seating couch changeable into ironing board.
DE351038 B-D1 1921   Bellows under shoes produces pressurized air that can be used elsewhere.
DE351414 A-D1 1921 E1   Enhanced ornament beaty by clock work. Unclear ???.
DE351765 E32 1921   Beatyfully decorated car.
DE353119 D1 1922 G.E.Haehnel   Engines under your shoes making walking more easy.
DE354924 G 1920 E1   Water organ by fountains with different colours of water.
DE357172 G-J 1920 E1   Bull fighter power meter.
DE361983 D1 1921 E2   Changing a stiff felt hat into a high hat.
DE362864 D1-D3 1922 E1   Ladies garter with lightening lamps.
DE364544 B 1921 E2   Walking cane saw.
DE369246 D1-D2 1920   Installation agains bed wetting through an elecyrical shock.
DE370046 C 1922   Fly swatter in the shape of a gun.
DE376044 B 1920 E2   Tobacco pipe inside walking cane.
DE376118 A-D1 1922   Flower vase made of soap.
DE381199 B 1922 E2   Tool box inside walking cane.
DE382600 G 1922   Flowers in waterglass ??? through miscellaneous metal salts.
DE383357 A-D1 1923 W.Ziegelmann Z   Heating bathwater by resistance heating of two immersed electrodes.
DE383984 D1 1923 E1   Ornamnet discolorizes by sweat (by cobalt chloride or copper chloride).
DE391422 E2 1922   Propelling installation for a ship with some kind of fins.
DE410561 A-D1 1924 E1   Sleeping glasses (dark) for the eyes.
DE410566 D1-I 1923   Ornament of synthetic material (enhanced aesthetics).
DE411660 A 1923   Apartment building resting with legs on the corners of cross streets.
DE414619 A-D3 1924 E3   Chamber pot (or potty) with phosphorizing (or "radioactive") paint in the shape of stars.
DE424815 C 1924   Clitting zone to catch bugs in bed in which a person lies resting.
DE426526 D1 1925 E1   Sock with exchangable foot part.
DE426533 A 1926 O.Graetzer J   Iron that because of overweight cannot remain standing on its sole.
DE429086 E1 1923   Airplane with sail at mast for propelling.
DE430116 B 1924 E2   Backpack changeable into a seat.
DE432432 A-J 1926   Pickup element in the shape of a Boeddha.
DE436034 C 1926   Reducing rodent population by fitting the males with a stabbing means with poison which poisins the female while mating.
DE437460 D1-D3 1926 E3   Glove sewed in clothing for men to pee in.
DE438901 E32-E33 1925   Engine installation for a bicycle blocks the drivers vision !.
DE442473 A-J 1927   Pickup element in the shape of a Boeddha.
DE453091 B-D3 1926 E3   Potty which starts to make music when a child is sitting in it.
DE461582 C 1927   Brushing long-haired dogs by springy brushes inside the kennel.
DE463979 A-D1 1927 E1   Burning glass construction for lighting a cigar.
DE473750 A 1928 E1   Umbrella with opening to look through.
DE478161 B-D1-G 1927 E1   Shoe with a whistle that sounds while walking, dancing etcetera - animal heads on the nose.
DE478162 D1 1927 E1   Shoe with phosphorizing parts.
DE478711 C-D1 1927 E1   Child's shoe with moving parts with animal shapes to encourage child to walk.
DE495587 A-D3 1927 E3   Toilet paper with advertisement.
DE499502 B-C-D1-G 1928 E1   Children's shoe with monkey head; is toy at the same time.
DE500900 K 1930 F.Pfleumer B   Magnetic tape for recording.
DE503884 A-J 1928 E1   Flag with changable colour banes.
DE505948 B 1929 E2   Walking cane transformable into resting bed.
DE514071 A 1927   Soap package with the one of a saugase as example.
DE514383 J 1929   Making a drawing with chalk in water - known already for years !.
DE515154 C 1928   Forcing a cow to stand above the manure disposer by automatic blow at the head.
DE518025 B 1928 E2   Lighter in the shape of a walking cane.
DE540739 E2 1929   Paddle boat.
DE544975 D1 1931 E1   Suspenders with loose backside over the shoulder.
DE555848 C-H 1930   Sucking up a bacterial culture through a liquid - the strongest come on top.
DE567512 D3 1930 E3   Closing installation for a toilet that does not open until the hands are washed.
DE577552 E31-H 1931   Reducing the damage on a train collision by first releasing mass (water - iron and the like).
DE586924 C 1932   Fixating a cow's tail while milking.
DE596763 D3 1934 W.Asche B   ???.
DE601159 A-B 1932 E1   Bed as a trailer for a weekend or vacation.
DE614902 A-B 1934 E1   Paper basket with chemical/mechanial destruction.
DE616681 A 1932 E1   Umbrella with built in ventilator.
DE635866 A-B 1935 E1   Paper basket with chemical/mechanial destruction.
DE638110 F 1934   Defence against bombs by springy roof cover.
DE639964 B 1935 E2   Backpack changeable into a stretcher or hammocks.
DE641684 D3 1937 H.Commerell B   ???.
DE651577 A-B 1935 E1   Drinking glass with lamp which starts burning when the glass is lifted.
DE663879 D1-F 1937 E1   Glove with scratch points at the fingertips against muggers.
DE695842 E32 1939   Direction indicators at the hat of a motor driver.
DE704776 B 1936 E2   Knapsack changeable into a boat or stretcher.
DE711105 A 1939 E1   Protection agains the points of an umbrella by attaching a luminesing compound.
DE712006 D1-G 1941 E1   Glove with drum sticks at the fingertips to play a drum or the like.
DE718293 K 1942 F.Schröter B   Color television.
DE800572 I-J 1949   Very general claim 1: Dissolving solids in a solvent.
DE802683 E2 1948   How heavier the sea how faster the ship as it is propelled by cylinders at the side.
DE807115 D1-D2 1948 E5   Installation against bedwetting through an electrical shock.
DE807747 E1-I 1948   Aluminium balloon to reduce measurements; 88 claims !.
DE809236 B-G 1950 E2   Child's foot bank changeable in a variey of toys.
DE811422 E1-H 1949   Preventing an airplane from crashing by blowing a stream of gas at the earth.
DE820389 E32 1949   Holder with small balls with car number which opens on a collision to prevent the driver from fleeing the scene.
DE826649 H 1948   Life's "rythmogram" to determine the favourable time for an operation.
DE826957 B 1949 S2   Stove with built-in musical box.
DE835325 C 1952 J.L.   Chemical compound to keep the he-dog away from the bitch.
DE835699 A-E1 1950   Transporting a child's wagon over stairs via a conveyer, also for landing airplanes.
DE862712 B-G 1951 E2   Child's sports car changeable into a chair, swing, bed or cart,.
DE882641 C-G 1951   Large piano to be played by a trained elephant.
DE908465 G 1944   Bringing smoke in the theatre by holes in the floor.
DE937662 B 1951 E2   Swing changeable into a couchette, table, gymnastics rack, seat etcetera.
DE940436 C 1952   Combatting flies with an air gun.
DE940547 B-D1 1953 E2   Hat changeable into an umbrella.
DE944526 H 1952   Creating and influencing air currents.
DE1003093 A 1957 W.Möbius B   Pencil sharpener with a lid.
DE1075593 I 1960 O.F.Hecht   Priority date given as US"30 december 1594".
DE1106547 C-H 1961 W.Coupette   Spraying vegetables and fruit with electrically charged water particles.
DE1244391 I 1967 G.W.Kühl Z   Artificial foil. Three test pieces are included with the publication.
DE1614108 A-D1-H 1970 K.Lämmchen   Bioclimatical sleeping site with metal bed.
DE1703196 D1 1972 E.Moecki Z   Shaving apparatus with a roll-down shutter, it works only after opening the shutter.
DE1762604 A-H 1970 E.Roeder   Stereo-TV by regularly inserting a dark field.
DE1772244 A-J 1971 W.Jürgens   Projection of a slide with text e.g. for a prayer or hymn in church.
DE1791039 H 1971 E.Gerhardt   Battery generating an electrochemical field which results in good reception of radio or TV.
DE1813670 H 1971 E.Gerhardt   Electrochemical field geberated by a batter has good effect on radio or TV receiver.
DE1947301   A61F 5/42 ???.
DE1960978 A 1971 H.Krone B   Money-box with extra security by a lid to protect against money dropping from it or theft.
DE2006519 G 1971 H.Neuhierl   Toy slide projector.
DE2009251 H 1971 H.P.Müller   Integrated circuit; claimed are all possible techniques..
DE2030281 H 1971 J.Klisch   Mechanical motorical power from a self-running engine (perpetuum mobile)..
DE2120083 H 1972 K.Fink   Perpetuum mobile as energy storage.
DE2132221 D1-J 1973 H.Meine   Proving reduced vision due to alcohol abuse by paper with holes of varying size.
DE2162670 H 1973 C.Ott   Autodynamic magnet engine (Perpetuum mobile).
DE2256176 A 1974 J.Krämer B   Floating soap with an air chamber within.
DE2301386 A 1974 H.Hölter B   Floating soap by mixing with air, cork or the like.
DE2301962 A 1974 H.Hölter B   Floating soap with a nucleus of cork, plastic foam etcetera.
DE2348740 H 1975 AS.W.Borinski   Storage of electrical energy in supra conducting Möbius rings.
DE2417559 D1 1974 M.A.Doolittle   Mirror with adjustable convex lower part Less thick at the bottom..
DE2419448 H 1975 U.Tang   City without cars by roads under the houses.
DE2440396 D1-F 1976 O.Tuchenhagen B   Mechanical flogging. Inventor wants to remain anonymous..
DE2445313 A 1976 P.Petersen B   Floating soap with light weight nucleus.
DE2457006 A 1976 K.Lüdorf B   Floating soap with nucleus from air, plastic foam or the like.
DE2457792 D2-H 1976 H.Hanschmann   Combatting cancer cells with laser rays through a pyramid.
DE2513051 A 1976 B   Pencil sharpener in box with lid.
DE2534992 I 1984 Th.M.Morris B   Z This is the actual title of the invention in the publication..
DE2554100 D2-H   Cure by a strange (or miraculous ???) radiation.
DE2559729 I 1977 B I.c.;   B I c ; No description, was not submitted..
DE2608234 I-J 1977 J.Nawroth   Coloured flash lights give colourful photo's. Because my fiancee has a very pale complexion..
DE2637250 H 1978 D.Gossel   Electroclimatic influencing of living creatures. Philips..
DE2643024 H 1978 B.Helbach   Energy production by apparatus in pyramid or cone shape.
DE2659380 D3 1977 R.J.Woodward   The wind propels a mill on the ship which in turn drives the engine.
DE2712417 D2-H 1978 R.W.Schmitz   Grapejuice against poliomyelitis.
DE2758361 D1-F 1979 P.Mämecke   Protection against undesired photo's by reflecting the flash light.
DE2807571 B-F 1979 G.Leyh   Baggage spin ??? with alarm.
DE2811222 I   The composition of this food is extraordinary. Everybody who took it had his eyes shining from happiness.
DE2819134 A 1979 E.Mink B   Pencil sharpener in box with lid.
DE2824689 E32 1979 R.Shokouhbeen   Extyra electrical energy for car by a cart behind it with generators powered by the wheels.
DE2855062 D3 1980 H.J.Knoblauch (!)   Faces substitute e.g. usable to test toilet flushing.
DE2903485 J 1979 H.Gustafsson   Method to determine the repair cost in case of car damage.
DE2903535 D1 1980 J.Mischke   A two person's glove.
DE2907786 H 1980 H.Hanschmann   Accumulator with magnetizable metal particles.
DE2910411 H 1981 H.Hanschmann   Storage of electrical energy in metal dust under a pyramid.
DE2923005 H 1980 A.Hengisen   Earth rays a power source.
DE2923032 D2-H-I 1980 W.Hankin B   Medicine on basis of heron eggs (German: Reiger eier).
DE2952592 D2-H 1981 W.Kropp   Irradiating medicines in electromagnetic fields.
DE3003958 D2 1981 G.Klein   Leveling of natural radioactivity by placing extra radioactice material in the soil at places of low activity.
DE3023991 D2-H 1982 H.Hanschmann   Rendering viruses and other micro-organisms harmless with water activated by cosmic irradiation and neutron bombardment.
DE3033124 H B   Protection again water veins in the earth.
DE3100491 D3 1982 B.Brüchle   Erection aid.
DE3100892 H 1983 L.Mersmann   Irradiating objects with radiation derived from the radiation collected of the object itself.
DE3139165 E32-H 1983 F.Arnold   Car obtaining extra energy from a generator powered by the wind from driving.
DE3145476 H-I 1984 H.Hanschmann BW28Z   Crystalline alloy under the influence of earth rays and moon tides. In the text there is a remark that everyone should work as good as possible and that the Patent Office really could be more productive..
DE3150721 A-J 1983 E.Haag   Prayer mat for moslims with automatic direction indicator to Mecca.
DE3202184 E32 1983 G.Scheffler   Open cooling system in car prevents its freezing.
DE3212798 E1 1983 J.Mummert   One or more air ships or balloons to pull vehicles, generate electyricity or serve as heat exchanger.
DE3249134 H 1983 G.Klopfer B   Poisonous heavy metals are converted by a chemical reaction to prevent their detection.
DE3300762 A 1984 J.Müller B   Paper briquettes from waste paper as fuel.
DE3311428 I 1983 H.Sakamoto   Tiltable sunroof for vehicles. However, the title in the original application in the Patentblatt is: " ? "
DE3332778 H 1985 G.Sieber   Neutralization of earthrays by a locked tube with a metal wire.
DE3403884 I 1985 W.Bennühr (geb 15-3-1899)   Automatic localization of a vehicle after a collision.
DE3417335 D3-I W32   Natural potency enhancement for men and hence for women. Precise description could explained as pornopgraphy but it certanly is not.
DE3423038 C-E32 1986 W.Kümmerle   Prevention of car damage by gnawing animals using light.
DE3425852 A-E2 1986 W.Müller B   Moisturizing dry lands by winds bringing sea air.
DE3511865 I 1986 P.Schreiber B Op   Treatize on colonial people, Christianity etcetera - full text can be obtained by transferring 9 DM to a specified account.
DE3526282 A-B 1988 B.Arciszewski   Coffee brewing apparatus with additional space to allow e.g. boiling of an egg.
DE3535392 D1-H 1987 H.Steinberger   Improving the quality of drinks by magnetizing.
DE3540754 D2 1989 R.H.Bross B   Increase in the body's defensive powers by means of house-fly blood.
DE3600584 D1 1987 R.Kruskop B   Artificial tooth in the colours of the rainbow.
DE3601336 D3 1987 A.Streitner   Method for making a penis cast.
DE3620767 A 1987 J.Twelenkamp   Electrically conductive metal glue as replacement of sodder.
DE3627230 G 1988 H.Weinhardt B   Aid to learning freehand drawing - window with raster.
DE3701321 D1-D3 1987 T.Jansen   Portable sending receiving device for the communication between people.
DE3704198 A 1988 H.Valentin   Battery oven with a 12 Volts battery of 1500 Watt in a heating rod.
DE3721224 H 1989 G.Duhse   Bio-message system as two genetically identical organisms have the same frequency.
DE3723295 I-J 1989 E.Haase   Display panel for e.g. the results of important football matches like HSV versus Bayern-München 5-0 Inventor comes from Hamburg ! .
DE3726438 I 1989 G.Rienks   Expert documentation on video replaces notarized documentation.
DE3800214 F 1988 G.Rienks Z   Unauthorized viewing of video is prevented by a reel with special code or key.
DE3800879 F 1988 G.Rienks B   Method to package enemy tanks, air planes etcetera in plastic foam.
DE3827623 D2 1989 Y.Ishii B   Dried rainworm powder as remedy against hypertension, diabetes and other ailments.
DE3829133 E32 1990 M.Sauerland _ Z   Warning in traffic by an optical signal in the form of an oil-smoke cloud coming from oil sprayed on the exhaust pipe from a tank arranged above it.
DE3908441 H 1990 O.K.Poisel Z   Energy cannot be destroyed but can be converted in an other form usable in space travel.
DE3933539 D2 1991 H.Hanoglu W44   Prepn. of an agent to treat minor burns - by baking fresh egg yolk and collecting liq. that separates out from the baked solid.
DE3935336 A-F 1991 W.Schirmer Z   TV receiver with IR camera - has connecting optical glass fibres for use as TV camera (crime fighting).
DE4019403 B-E32 1991 K.Matulla Z   Speed-indicating lamp cluster integrable into motor vehicle - gives warning activated by brake pedal to following traffic on approach e.g. to congestion or fog.
DE4032931 E1-H 1992 D.Schnee J   Restoring ozone level in upper atmosphere - involves fitting ozone generating equipment in all high-flying aircraft.
DE4102526 E32 1992 G.Krupp   Safety device for front-end vehicle shunts - uses separate passenger cabin, tilted upwards by motor when sensor is activated.
DE4102538 A-B 1992 G.Struck Z   Coffee grinding machine - is actuated by treadle operated by person sitting in chair.
DE4111415 A 1992 D.von Haebler Z   Visual time display using quinary matrix presentation - has columnar construction with minimum number of modular light sources giving clear resolution to 1 minute of time.
DE4202043 G 1993 H.M.Mohr-Els _   Flute with mouthpiece in middle of body playable on both sides- has row of finger holes extending from each side of mouthpiece.
DE4202951 E32-H 1993 J.Baumgartner   Device utilising energy from vehicle head wind and slipstream - uses wind turbine at front of vehicle with mechanical transmission from output shaft to a propellor.
DE4203167 H 1993 H.Liebelt   Perpetuume mobile: Magnetic impeller generating power - has EM or permanent magnet drive with turbine geared to generator..
DE4205546 A-J 1993 M.Hauck JW51   Double-headed match - has ignition head at both ends, saving wood.
DE4233755 H 1994 W.Hagedorn Z   Perpetuum mobile: Motor with permanent magnetic rotor and stator field.
DE4240528 E32-J 1994 W.Erdmann   Lever-operated vehicle brake - uses beams with curved rubber sections in contacting the road when the lever is operated..
DE4243707 A-D3 1994 L.Speier   Mattress with unequal thickness for medicinal or sexual purposes. A collector is fixed or incorporated for holding semen.
DE4302612 C-D1 1994 A.U.Sandri-Ritz _   Ready prepared food products are tested for fitness for human consumption by first offering the dish to at least one, preferably to two cats, and only using the food if it is first accepted by the cats.
DE4320470 E1 1994 W.Eilers J   Aircraft with landing parachute and airbag attached under the fuselage.NO AB PDF .
DE4324640 H 1995 I. Von Ludwiger Z   Method for producing anti-gravity effects by two electromagnets rotating in opposite directions.
DE4329245 H 1994 F.Lüdtke   Survival capsule for global catastrophes - has inner spherical capsule for personnel and supplies floating inside outer spherical capsule with legs.
DE4332387 A 1995 B.Albrecht   Process for producing and serving cappuccino.
DE4410911 D1 1995 G.Duong J   Human powered flight device comprised of container(s) filled with gas lighter than air, such as hydrogen or heliumand adjustable extra weights to adjust the strength of the earth attraction force for various bodies, such as people and vehicles .
DE4411488 D1 1995 W.Krieg J   Light or odour signalling system to show sympathy to prospective partners - can be in the shape of a flower.
DE4426170 D1 1996 K.F.Klippel   Brush cover for finger, esp. index finger for cleaning teeth and massaging gums.
DE4436253 E2-H-I 1996 W.Erdmann   Submarine with releasable ballast watertanks and cork to float.
DE4439762 F 1995 U.Rieger J   Catching device for criminals consisting of a net also covered with glue. See the picture. .
DE4443624 A-G 1996 E.Schiek   Head mirror for back=stroke swimmers.
DE190087 D1 1996 G.Duong   Shoe to walk on water with propellors on all sites.NO TI AB PDF.
DE191045 G 1995 N.Klar J   Shooting arrows on a target in the other hand.NO TI AB PDF.
DE192996 G 1997 K.Krug J   Jet engine frog.NO TI AB PDF.
DE190687 B-D1 1996 H.Karl   Hollow jacket or vest with an opening to carry liquids inside.NO TI AB PDF.
DE194326 H 1998 G.Lück Z   Engine powered by earth magnetism.NO TI AB PDF.
German Utility Models
DE1626928U D1-H 1951 E.Dittmann_   A collar that provides protection against earth and cosmic radiation..
DE7205849U F 1972 F.Beer B   Magnetic sword.
DE7215028U B 1972 N.Ram   Lamp or razor built into a telephone horn.
DE7343738U D3 1974 F.Rahm   Apparatus to have intercourse with.
DE7407356U D3 1974 F.Rahm   Apparatus to have intercourse with.
DE8204815U C 1983 H.Bürk   Carrying device for a dog.
DE8625987U D1-G 1987 P.Böhme   Security lighting by a jojo equipped with lamps.
DE8704611U D1-J 1988 P.Lardong   Gramophone record made of marzipan or chocolate.
DE9010909U B-D2 1991 H.Albes Z   Hand or leg prothesis with an opening to hold a radio, recorder etcetera.
DE9115977U C 1992 M.L.Funke _ Z   Infra-red radiators on the back of a horse (to warm or to dry).
DE9203933U A 1993 A.Wolff   Finger writer by a casing around the finger with a writing tip.
DE9206539U D1-G 1992 J   Comforter in the shape of a finger.
DE9213934U E32-H 1993 F.Bauer   Car driving over cylinders in the road which in turn drive an engine.
DE9304955U G 1993 M.Schönberg   Doll with a transparant head and a tube through which liquid can be squeezed with a gummy ball.
DE9306720U B-C 1993 B.Ottmann   Leashe with LED's for dogs.
DE9308540U A-B 1993 B.Ottmann JW51   Ballpoint with built in lamp to light the paper.
DE9308541U A-B 1993 B.Ottmann   Pair of tweezers equipped with a glowing bulb.
DE9313008U G 1993 P.Ehmer Z   Bullet game over rails attached to ceiling.
DE9313236 D1 1994 H.Kloss J   Testing the intention of communication bewteen two persons by equipping them with a sender/receiver.
DE9315748U A-B 1994 R.P.Beyer J   Beer glass with stimulating sounds produced by a built in music box.
DE9316948U A-C 1994 W.Saar   Mouse trap with spring with a razor sharp cord which, after relaxing, cuts the mouses throat.
DE9405346U A 1994 R.Ritter   Reading a book in bed by putting it horizontally on a support at the bed's head.
DE9406098U B-E33 1994 E.Schwarz   Connection of an umbrella at a bike.
DE9410966U A-J 1994 K.Stierhofer J   Applause amplifying glove with some kind of rattle.
DE9411314U D1-J 1994 J.Köhler Z   Eatable phone or chip card.
DE9413262U A-C 1994 H.Siebenhaar J   Fly swatter made like some kind of fork with a slapper.
DE9413777U B-D1 1995 A.Rosin J   Tooth brush producing music when used.
DE9415964U E32-H 1995 H.Oesterhaus J   Energy supply for car's through a dynamo, conductors etcetera along the road.
DE9418122U D1 1995 R.Pätzold   Easier smoking of cigarettes by burning them in a kind of bottle with handle and suction opening.
DE9419190U D1 1995 S.Olah   Cover for the eyes to keep the wind away from the ears ; improves hearing.
DE29500279U E2-H 1995 Th.Samland   Maintaning the ozone level in the atmosphere with balloon and hose.
DE29502611U A 1995 G.Grabietz   Steat wiping machine with rotating brushes which also produce the energy to move forward.
DE29503012U A 1995 R.Lichtenberg   Round to carry soda cans.
DE29503334U B-D1 1995 H.Tröber J   Glove with light at the fingertips.
DE29506001U C-G 1995 S.Micheel   Apparatus powered by solar cells that produces animal (birds) sounds.
DE29507026U B-G 1995 M.Dosch   Ball moved by remote control.
DE29508146U A-D1 1995 G.Knarr   Bath towel for e.g. massage purposes with an emergency opening for the nose.
DE29511517U A-D1 1996 W.Neugebauer   Fork to eat spaghetti with an engine in the handle to rotate the fork.
DE29513676U B-D1 1996 S.Savdir J   Glove with a wristwatch on the back.
DE29514435U D3 1995 R.Stein   Seesaw as aid for sexual intercourse.
DE29518610U D3 1996 R.Stein   Kind of a seesaw as aid for sexual intercourse .
DE29518836U A 1996 S.Hauck   Eelectrically driven household scissors.
DE29518945U D3 1996 R.Stein   Carrying brace for couples having standing intercourse.
DE29519293U D1-J 1996 B.Scheuerpflug   Enhancing tea aroma by a paper folded in a roof shape on a string.
DE29519598U D1-D3 1996 M.Bock J   Shaping nipples by putting a suction hose on them.
DE29520416U A 1996 J.Sung   Mouthpiece for a vacuum cleaner as glove with small suction openings at the fingertips.
DE29600326U A-D1 1996 B.Scharle   Clip with a dome above used to put on top of a champagne bottle to catch the cork when the bottle is opened.
DE29600769U A 1996 S.C.Zhen   C-shaped brush.
DE29601142U A-D3 1996 P.Runge   Table lighter in the shape of an ass with ears.
DE29603098U B-D1 1996 J.Böhm   Cap with a holder for a telecommunication device.
DE29608165U A 1997 W.W.Weidig J   Spaghetti fork rotating by itself.
DE29608733U C-J 1996 J.Sprenzinger J   Fly exterminator comoprising a rubber hand shot away from the hand.
DE29615750U D2 1997 M.am Ende J   Anti snoring device by holding the tongue with a bar that is fastened to the palate by a piston.
DE29616557U B 1997 G.Tandler Z   Book with acoustical information via a chip and a reading pen.
DE29617407U D3 1997 S.Weigl Z   Metal penis ring to support an erection.
DE29618738U A-D1 1997 Th.Schmid J   Apparatus to brew beer at home.
DE29620197U C-J 1997 K.Baumann J   A cap with movable ears to communicate with animals.
DE29811821U A-D3 1998 J.Thierling Z   Toilet door with a screen to observe if the toilet is occupied.
DE29812556U H 1999 A.Wallner Z   Improving generators by connecting a circuit with high coltage with one with high current.
Great Britain
GB1 I 1617 NN2W16W25   The first British patent publication.
GB401 I 1715 Th.Masters   The first invention of a woman (Sybille Masters), but in name of her husband (washing of grain).
GB2064 D1 1854 E1   Self lighting cigar or cigarette.
GB2299 E2 1854   Elastic buffer against ship collisions.
GB2448 A-C 1854 E1   Sleeping in a wired cage as protection against insects.
GB2636 E2 1854   Refreshing the atmosphere inside ships by ventilators powered by the wave motion.
GB2907 E1 1857   Telephone cable over the ocean hanging on air balloons.
GB1885 D2 1861 J.Robertson J   Treatment of rheumatism by placing the affected body part in a dewar, filled with oil.
GB690 H 1866   Artificial tea made from ammonium bichromate.
GB78 A 1867 M.H.Simpson J   Floating chair by hollow vessels on the armrest.
GB4319 A-B 1878 W.A.McKeown J   Chair with large speaking horns.
GB327 A-D1 1879 H.J.Haddan J   Shower where the water is pumped up by a seesaw pump on the floor.
GB18 K 1880 J.Swan   Arousing composition for men made of woman's hair with milk sugars and alcohol ; blond hair for blond men and black hair for dark-haired men.
GB14204 H 1884   Preparing gold from wheat straw.
GB10883 D1 1885 E1   Removing bad particles from tobacco smoke in analogy to the process of Watt's steam machine.
GB14055 A-B 1885 E1   Coffin with alarm installation (in case of apparent death).
GB6481 K 1888 N.Tesla   Electromagnetc induction engine.
GB4044 A-D1 1889 E1   Calculation of the curvature of a hair-pin by using a difficult formula.
GB12719 A-D3 1889 E3   Chamber pot where it is impossible to get with the thumb in the inside.
GB18450 H 1892   Keys of a musical instrument let a current go through the player when touched.
GB19328 A 1892 E1   Teapot which serves as support when reading the newspaper during breakfast.
GB1442 B-E33 1893 J.Dugan J   Bicycle with an umbrella installed.
GB20329 A-E2 1893 L.J.E.Haase J   Chair hanging in a frame with a heavy ball underneath the seat remains horizontal.
GB23465 A-E31 1893 A.J.Danyell J   Small table that can hang on the luggage rack in a train.
GB14794 A-H 1894   Making fern leaves look natural by ironing.
GB459 E1-E2 1895   Air ship or boatpowered by a kind of extendable umbrella.
GB4626 A-D1 1896 E5   Coffin filled with spirit, glass, porcelain or the like to prevent worms from eating the deceased.
GB5503 D1-E31 1896 J.Miess J   Hand powered ventilator for chair seat.
GB12836 H 1897   Transport of natural forces like water and volcano power to the site of usage.
GB19517 A-B 1897 C.F.Nilson J   Combined cradle and baby buggy.
GB1410 A-B-F 1900 F.Wallis J   Military shield also usable as stretcher, wheelbarrow and the like.
GB7607 D1 1902 S.R.Squires J   High hat with extendable upside for advertisement.
GB1992 B-D1 1903 E1   Gramophone records of edible matreial.
GB3666 I 1903   Has 151 pages with 92 claims and and 46 pages with figures.
GB3666a I 1903   145 pages with 60 claims, 46 pages with figures.
GB3666b I 1903   89 pages with 52 claims, 46 pages with figures.
GB3666c I 1903   525 pages, 233 claims, 184 pages with figures.
GB4413 H 1903   Generating electricity from interplanetary space.
GB9274 E33 1904   Moving a vehicle by pushing "excentrical shoes".
GB9286 C-E33-F 1904 S.B.Apostoloff E12J   Vehicle with cannon, powered by a horse behind the wagon.
GB12960 H 1904   Detecting vibrations in the brain. (lie detector).
GB19072 D2 1904 E5 Martell   Brandy with garlic. 7 days before consumption warm in bottle; against TBC.
GB13887 A-D1 1905 E.Poitel J   Cage around cigar or cigarette as wind catcher.
GB26136 E31 1906   Moving forward by locomotive with elastical buffer; pushes one wagon away, than the next one, etcetera.
GB1330 D1-D2 1907 E5   Waking alarm device by electrical shock.
GB5875 D1 1907 E1   Trousers that can be worn both normally and backwards.
GB909 C 1909   Device to determine the sex of birds, animals and eggs.
GB25471 D1 1909 E5   Special needle to implant hair for the bald.
GB3069 F 1910 E5   Protection of judges by raising a safety shield from the table.
GB6409 A-D1 1910 E.V.Blacker   Coffin with alarm device (in case of apparent death).
GB15369 D1 1910 E5   Swinging on tummy (against big belly).
GB26553 B-D3 1912 E3   Toilet paper holder with music box inside.
GB100891 F 1917 A.B.Pratt J   Helmet with a weapon which can be fired from the helmet.
GB121386 E2 1918   Ship divided into sections, powered by the wave motions of the water.
GB122080 E1-F 1918   Airplanes with iron cushings to combat with hostile planes.
GB124288 H 1918   Device brought into motion by the power of the look in the eyes.
GB125038 H 1918   Perpetuum mobile.
GB126961 H 1919   Production process and solving social issues.
GB191839 C 1921   Feeding leaves of rubber trees to animals to gain rubber from their excrements.
GB219011 E2-H 1924   Lifting sunken ships by freezing the water inside.
GB221043 H 1922   Perpetuum mobile.
GB227064 H 1924   Calculating a propellor by the quadrature of a circle.
GB269757 H 1927 R.J.Smith   Anti-snoring device via a microphone that changes sound into electricity resulting in a shock for the snoring person.
GB360253 A 1930 J.Lyons BE1   Tea pot with two spouts.
GB393673 A 1931 BE1   Material around wrist prevents getting liquid in the sleeve when eating a lobster.
GB394325 K 1931 A.Blumlein   Recording a stereo record.
GB413447 B-D1 L.A.V.Davoren   Glasses with wipers.
GB470901 A-D1 1937 C.W.Honey BE1Z   Spoon of edible material (chocolate, toffee, sugar and the like.
GB601207 H 1948 J.Forman   Transport of electrically charged partcles through space.
GB637247 G 1950 F.Best   ENIAC computer.
GB709408 K   ENIAC computer.
GB709409 K   ENIAC computer.
GB709410 K   ENIAC computer.
GB714134 D1 1951   Curling tongs for eye lashes.
GB748993 H 1956 H.C.Taylor RF   Replacing the electromagnetic transfer of TV images by IR.
GB753865 A-J 1954   Seeking decice for hastily buried corpses via a sniffing tube.
GB768312 A 1955   Lifting device at foot of bed to ventilate bed.
GB790107 D1 1956 R.W.Holland BE5J   Anti thumb sucking device for school children.
GB805522 I 1958 E.B.Bates   Wire treatment; "My invention is balls and lots of them".
GB854211 K 1960 Chr.Cockerell W8   Hovercraft.
GB937959 I-K 1963 B.N.Wallis NW16   Fragmentation bomb.
GB981321 I-J N2W25   Boiling an egg in a pan in which cold water is poured to prevent boiling over. Needed for this are 13 pages with four folding figures, 31 claims and based on 36 Japanese applications.
GB1047735 H 1966 A.P.Pedrick   Transporting water around the world through pipelines.
GB1077765 H R.Anfosso   Stimulating plant growth by surrounding them with a metal bow.
GB1153370 I J.Th.Posey   "Patent restraining device" . With the erratum 10/9/1969 this was corected to: Patient restraining device".
GB1237848 H 1971 V.G.Crawford   Magnetic field to resist the earth gravity.
GB1258317 G-I   Wind driven vessel (surf board) anticipated by picture of a 12 year old boy.
GB1266351 D1 W65   Making a head of foam in canned beer (Guinness).
GB1280928 H 1972 A.P.Pedrick B   Consulting patent files in space by coded speech pulses. GG
GB1307931 D2-H 1973 G.E.Cooke _ Z   Light ray shining through one or more gem stones to treat the sick. GG
GB1310990 E1-E21-H 1970   Flying saucer powered by thermonuclear nuclear fusion (British Rail).
GB1315393 (A61F/5/42)   (A61F/5/42) Condom with valve making conception possible.
GB1332025 E32 1973 A.P.   Loose cabin disattaches on a collision thereby protecting the passengers of the car.
GB1379159 A   Steam tea machine.
GB1388517 H-I 1975 A.P. Pedrick   Indexing system for Patent Offices based on DNA molecule.
GB1395137 H 1975 A.P.Pedrick   Photoelectric generator to charge batteries in space.
GB1405575 C-E32-E33 1975 A.P.Pedrick BZW16   Automobile without fuel by a pushing horse at the back.
GB1426580 E31-E32 1976 A.P.Pedrick   Vehicles driven by periodically powered magnetic coils in tubes.
GB1428297 E32 1976 A.P.Pedrick   Letting cars drive in tunnels on balls powered by magnetism.Klopt niet
GB1474891 D1 B   Synthetic caviar.
GB1508728 F-I D.White   Catching low flying enemy airplanes in a net (patent with only a few lines).
GB1569519 C 1980 L/L/Phillips   Delicing a pet by putting it in a bag with pesticide (head outside).
GB1572390 D2 1980 B   Cancer medicament of some common inorganic salts and lots of water; tested on 400 sheep!.
GB1597071 K   Digital disk photo camera (Kodak).
GB1597072 K   Digital disk photo camera (Kodak).
GB1597073 K   Digital disk photo camera (Kodak).
GB1597074 K   Digital disk photo camera (Kodak).
GB1597075 K   Digital disk photo camera (Kodak).
GB1601447 I-K A.Pavel   Personal stereo (walkman); lawsuit with SONY one issue was the cheap attorney of Pavel.
GB1603076 D1-J-K   Thermochromic liquid crystals can be used as wine thermometer, but also in clothing!.
GB1605232 I 1985 Chr. Henn-Collins   Made public only after 35 years: A method to decipher Morse code.
GB2009924 H 1979 Th.B.Orton B   Device to determine the atom numbers of elements by an own radiation; the so called Ortnarays; this way 184 elements are identified.
GB2018265 D2 1979 R.Sato B   Germanium polymer as a cure for most diseases.
GB2031555 F-I 1982 W.Lax   "Sabotage defence weapon": special dust cap secretly screwed on the valve of a car tyre - deflates the tyre.
GB2037044 G-H-J 1980 J.Provenzano   Kind of a calculator disk to determine astrological values.
GB2038516 J 1980 P.Jooste   Method for a better tax legislature.
GB2039188 H 1980 M.H.Daly   Electron telescope to scan the universe.
GB2057759 I 1981 S.Y.P.Lien   Semiconductor device; 42 citations.
GB2060081 C-E33 1981 Ph.A.Barnes   Vehicle powered by a horse on a conveyor belt in the vehicle in between driver and passengers seats. Containers are provided to collect droppings.
GB2070958 E32-K 1981   Catalyst in car enables use of lead free gasoline.
GB2080583 I 1982 H.K.Hingarth   Microprocessor; "No search possible".
GB2084335 C D.Marshall   Dolphins equipped with camera's to try to photograph the monster of Loch Ness.
GB2097520 D1-J 1982 H.J.Thielen   Contact lights (red-orange-green for shy persons (=EP 63718).
GB2102495 A-F 1983 I.P.Conway   Security devices for doors or windows - using a telescopic leg under the door handle.
GB2104367 C 1983 H.C.Ping   Alarm installation in coffin in grave.
GB2114395 A W25   Three dimensional television based on the anaglyph principle (red-green image).
GB2114439 D2-I 1983 O.Touloymdjian   Title "A medicine"; something against malaria containing under more ground dog excrements - especially when they have eaten rough bones, and ground pink rain worms.
GB2114515 G-I 1983 B.Lexcen   Keel of sailing ship used by the Australian team that won the America Cup.
GB2126963 E31-E32-H R.Brierley   Train or car equipped with small diameter tunnels to use the Venturi effect for extra energy.
GB2128009 A-J 1984 G.N.Ganyo   Emergency display with the text "HELP 999 PLEASE".
GB2128749 E32   Automatic route indicator in car, based om compass-system. GG
GB2130729 E32 Op   On compass system based route indicator in car GG
GB2160272 E33 G.Parkinson   Bicycle with 100 speeds.
GB2169521 B-G-J 1986 G.Khourie   Rattle with built in recorder with an audible message. !!! dit klopt niet !!! Title:   Leash for dog's with LED's. GG
GB2182647 A-D1 W34   Preventing oxydation of liquid in bottle by inserting an inflatable bag in the bottle to reduce the air volume.
GB2186182 D1-G 1987 F.Th.Flitcroft J   Headgear for parties equipped with two glass bearers on both sides.
GB2192551 G 1988 P.McDonald W36   Small bridge to support the hand when playing billiards or snooker.
GB2207786 D1 1989 D.Man   Implanted transmitter as identification and to track missing persons.
GB2210294 A-H 1989 J.C.Chen Z   Drinking beaker with magnets to magnetize the contents. GG
GB2220853 C-D1 M.Oaten   Comb with hollow teeth filled with pesticide to remove parasites from the fur of pets.
GB2221782 B-E32   Beacons e.g. at traffic lights for automatic route description in car.
GB2222635 B-E2   Jet plane changing to rocket propulsion at Mach 6. GG
GB2263003 H 1993 A.E.S.Khatri   Praying mat for muslims with solar cells, counts the number of bows. GG
GB2263676 E33 1993 J.H.Doousa   Electrical bicycle on solar cells; huge panel on top of bike!.
GB2271511 D3 1994 A.E.Gauntlott   Artificial vagina.
GB2272073 B-D1 1994 M.M.M.Ka   Glasses with a radio and alarm clock in the frame.
GB2272154 C-J E.Doughney   Spiders cannot get out of the water; by attaching a rough material at the wall of a swimming pool they can get out. GG
GB2275232 G 1994 G.S.Pickett   Golf caddy on a kind of Hover vaccuumcleaner frame.
GB2279930 E2-F W58   Parts of an airplane that need special protection against a terrorist bomb attack can be reinforced with tape.
GB2280774 E32-F 1995   Inflatable doll as passenger in car, especially for women to show the world outside that one is not alone.
GB2281060 A   Pumping empty of an oil tanker in an environment friendly way.
GB2281143 D1   Panel to make public the bahaviour of a child as an educational measure.
GB2288481 A   Panel on table in restaurant to order the waiter; also indicates the waiting time.
GB2289725 H 1995   Hydrodynamical generator of energy by upwards pressure (perpetuum mobile). GG
GB2300559 B-D1 1996 Y.H.Park   Shoe with a compartment in the sole for keys or money; can be equipped with lamps.
GB2306847 I-J 1997 D.Henton Z   "Mobile telephone work station" Board to write on and a holder for a portable telephone! GG
GB1070600 J 1967 Karl Krøyer   Method of raising sunken or stranded vessels. The method uses a large volume of light balls. It turned out to be not new as it had been published in Donald Duck magazine where ping-pong balls were used!
EP1 I 1978 C.A.Busse W8   Thermal heat pump.
EP17450 A-K 1980 W30   A sitting device.
EP31384 I T.Nakagawa W15W33   Patent application form and method of prosecuting the application; providing standard sentences (140 pages!).
EP31470 A 1981 W.Möbius B   Pencil sharpener with receptacle.
EP34123 A-C 1981 S.R.L.Hogar   Automatic washing machine and dryer for cleaning dogs and similar animals.
EP35932 H 1981   Treatment of wounds, meat, milk products in a magnetic container with magnetic fields to create an equilibrium between yin and yang.
EP48785 D1-E32 1982 R.Szauer   Inflatable plastic hand with thumb as an optical aid for hitchhikers.
EP61843 D1-H 1982 Y.Nakamatsu   Apparatus for increasing brain activity by warming the feet and cooling the head.
EP63718 A-J 1982 H.J.Thielen   Contact lamp for use by shy persons for signalling of sympathies, and/or a reserved attitude, and/or rejection by red-orange-green light.
EP99932 E32   Speaker unit in car with a reflective coating that moves during music.
EP99955 H-I-J A.W.Chen W25   Type faces like extra thickness to show the pronounciation.
EP103666 A-F 1984 A.Carboni   A lamp that can be thrown e.g. during a riot.
EP107751 I-J 1984 C.Komakine   Inorganic health preservative for humans containing ferrous sulphate and fly ash; In the xamples a 75 year old senile man, tired after more than 20 years of reading of patent publications. See US4608256 for abstract.
EP124128 H 1984 O.Bschorr   Generation of potential differences by establishing a sawtooth-like doping variation of the electrical properties in a bar.
EP127900 E32 K.Mori W30   Slowly adapting of the amount of light in a tunnel to the outside light by glass fiber.
EP134738 I 1985 Ph.Richard B   Hydropneumatic accumulator. Titel in English, and abstract in French..
EP139937 I 1985 K.L.Bobart B   Initializing apparatus for daisy wheel printer; Translation of "daisy wheel" in German: "Gänseblümchenrad", in French: "Roue marguérite".
EP143854 I 1985 J.Saito   Apparatus for removing ghost images in the TV by a "ghost-exorcising signal".
EP148115 D1 1985 R.Levy W30   Baby diaper carries an image which acts as a urine indicator by reacting to humidity and/or acidity.
EP160560 D2   Nonwoven surgical sponge with x-ray detectable element inside.
EP192425 A-D1 1986 C.N.Selfe J   Apparatus for use in a shower unit has a cylindrical rotating brush like in a car wash.
EP193816 H 1986 A.L.Rogers   Computer program acts as a thought triggering and amplification system; usable for decision making, memory, learning, psychotherapy etcetera.
EP198136 A   Optical bar code programmer for VCR by reading the bar code in the TV guide.
EP219970 E33 1987 L.W.Alexander J   Sail device to be attached to the back of a bicycle rider helps to go faster.
EP329135 I 1989 H.Vitikainen   Method for lining a roll, or the like, especially a press roll of a paper or pulp machine.
EP414580 D1-H Z   Lighting apparatus helps to improve the mental or psychic state (music also helps).
EP422354 E32 1991 J.H.Wicker Z   School bus with convertible rack in front bumper to force exiting passengers to cross the road far in front of the bus.
EP441193 D1   Measuring instrument for determining the tendency towards sweating of people.
EP465996 B-E2 J   Three signal samples (A25, C26, B27) of a digital signal are taken simultaneously in three different time positions (t25, t26, t27).
EP553953 B-G 1993 Th.J.Coleman J   In combination, a toy drilling machine and candy holding device.
EP588053 1994 W.Neumann ..  A seal between two elements, especially between concrete pipes.The original Abstract was "Attente FAX" , in a later version of EP588053 A2 this is corrected.
EP594253 D3 1994 D.Merro del Val   Feminine urinary device, allowing women to urinate in an upright posture.
EP614621 D3 1994 A.G.Jansen   Holder for covering of the pubic area e.g. to enable wearing a tanga.
EP619101 D2 1994 G.J.Jordan   Implantable inductively coupled medical identification system. .
EP635217 C-D1   Method for improving meat and fat obtainable from livestock and poultry by feeding them spices and herbs which improves the durability and taste.
EP638475 E33   Scooter with a large front wheel and standing plank on a small rear wheel.
EP646397 G   System for playing card games remotely includes a multimedia communication system with audio and video communications and arranged so that players at numerous game sites can see and hear each other.Nice picture
EP813186 C-J 1997 M.Yamamoto Z   Animal's intention translational method enabling people to communicate correctly with their animal; by recording the behaviour in images and sound to compare it later with the animal's later behaviour.
FR369824 A 1907 R.Wicke   Record player in the shape of a flowervase with a plant in it.
FR484170 G 1917 W.B.Vansize   Act and sing play to be recorded electronically by receiver-transmitters on the back.
FR571985 A 1924 G.G.de Andia Yrarrazaval   Loudspeaker in the shape of a lady with hoop-skirt.
FR572269 A-D3 1924 E3   Toilet paper with advertisement.
FR605534 A 1926 E.A.Graham   Loudspeaker in the shape of skye with stars, earth globe etcetera.
FR631537 H 1927 L.M.M.A.Lévy   Turning a visible image into an invisible one and back by filtering of the forces "electricity" and "light".
FR637910 A 1928 A.Wucher   Loudspekaer casing in statue of lady with hoop-skirt.
FR718425 H 1932 E.Stettner   Holding or modifying all kinds of strange radiation.
FR725921 D2 1932 E.C.S.Parker J   Apparatus to desinfect skin parts with gas with bactericide.
FR755899 A-J 1933 O.Marchand   Chassis for guiillotine. (Is sliding window).
FR791427 D1 1935 E1   Ozone airing of underwear.
FR850351 D2-H 1939 J.Bernard   Radiation is transported from objects via a wire and can be used for sterilization, fermentation and the like.
FR936475 H 1948 E.Huc   Treatment of e.g. wine, oil or medicines with ultra short waves.
FR936475 H 1952 E.Huc   Add 56874 main patent; Also for vegetables, fruit etc.
FR936475 H 1953 E.Huc   Add 56874 main patent; Also for cognac, cider and liquors etc.
FR971352 D2-H 1951 Ch.Voillaume B   Influence of radiation of certain substances on parasites, seeds etcetera.
FR1027110 G-J 1953 J.Londiche   Small box with band with ridges through the bottom, makes a noise when scratched.
FR1065494 H 1954 J.Kourkine   Composition of matter (e.g. electrons are composed of photons).
FR1087629 H 1955 B.L.A.Paulet   Irradiation of water, grain, wine through a copper cross of a certain shape.
FR1097208 H 1955 J.Honoré   Determination of the by a body emitted radiation.
FR1101020 H 1955 Ch.Schenk   Measuerement of the radiation emitted by objects.
FR1104305 H 1955 J.Valentak   Apparatus with spiral to suppress the damaging influence of earth rays.
FR1108193 H 1956 L.Carl   Spiral against earth rays.
FR1112820 A-G-J 1956 G.A.Siau   Loudspeaker on which a full puppet orchestra sits vibrating.
FR1114747 H 1956 F.Hahn   Rooms shielded with permanent or replacable electrical fields for the well being of the persons present.
FR1117638 H 1956 F.Hahn   Wearable electrodes to shield against earth magnetic fields.
FR1118758 H-J 1956 A.Céré   Reducing the usage of electrical power by switching the apparatus on only half of the time (with many intervals.).
FR1128256 D2-H 1957 L.Hemmeler   Apparates that gives off benificial electromagnetic radiation.
FR1135389 A-H 1957 H.Dezoomer   Television on batteries with extra generators.
FR1135873 I 1957 T.Tojo B   In point 1 of the résumé only, the term "composés aminés" occurs already 18 times in 19 lines.
FR1140271 H 1957 P.Jouanneaux   Apparatus to neutralize the dangerous vibrations of earth rays.
FR1142948 D1 1957 E5   Blue lip-stick for darkskinned people.
FR1144585 D2-H 1957 L.Gauthier-Hulsmans _   Theory to prevent blinding of the eyes.
FR1153623 H 1961 J.A.Laronze   Removing cosmic rays by coupling of two pyramids.
FR1167001 H 1958 P.R.A.Vincon   Suppression of eartrays and radioactivity through a coil.
FR1187545 D1-D2 1959 G.Barth B   Ribbon around head and chin prevents snoring.
FR1194164 H 1948   Gaining energy from underground atomic explosion in evacuated space.
FR1204980 D1-H 1960 C.Ralian B   Piece of plastic with a ferromagnetic core, benificial when bathing.
FR1215110 D2-H 1960 S.Tanaka   Regulating the circulation by a bracelet with magnets.
FR1227380 H 1960 M.P.J.Duchaine   Newly discovered element in diamond.
FR1231621 H 1960 L.Carl B   Rendering earthrays harmless from a distance.
FR1231915 H 1960 F.Valentak B   Rendering earthrays ineffective by a metal spiral.
FR1249491 A-G 1960 P.Vassilakis   Art work with magnets.
FR1250970 H 1960 C.H.Kohlmyer   Machine to convert electricity into light according to a peculiar theory.
FR1252538 H 1960 K.Nowak   Improve the effectivity of radiation with electrical and magnetic fields.
FR1289096 C-H 1962 H.Weber   Shielding small pets and plants for the damaging radiation of TV.
FR1292901 H 1962 P.G.R.Nicolardot   Treatment of liquids or gases with energetic radiation.
FR1294101 H 1962 P.G.R.Nicolardot   Treatment of mayerials with radiation to alter the physical-chemical properties.
FR1316574 D2 1963 A.A.Pons B   Powder of flour and mosterd in shoes and gloves is good for the circulation.
FR1334444 H 1963 G.Cunge   Protection against atomic radiation by aluminum bar in the room.
FR1336093 B-E32 1963 G.W.Bennett   Motorcar with sensor drives along audio track along the road.
FR1338175 D1-D2 1963 R.Lasserre   Apparatus that emits light pulses following the breath - to fall asleep.
FR1350844 A-D1 1964 M.Bosquet   Alarmclock that warns according to the meteorological conditions.
FR1388897 D1-D2 1965   Protective case for thermometer for rectal temperature measurement.
FR1410289 H 1965 C.Ancona   Causing a HF discharge in the atmosphere from eart e.g. for light.
FR1527790 D1-H 1968 M.M.E.Pradines-Besson _ B Persoonlijk parfum overeenkomstig eigen astrologisch teken.   Personal perfume in accordance with the astrological sign.
FR1534545 D1-E32 1968 K.Kurose   Glasses with detector to prevent e.g. falling asleep of a driver.
FR1557617 H 1969 R.Desbrandes   Apparates that creates hf gravity waves.
FR2044213 D1-D3 1971 A.Isaac   Menstruation calendar.
FR2068579 D1-D3 1971 L.M.Sherman   Method of calavulating the fertile period of a woman.
FR2096805 A 1972 A.Carletto   Umbrella with a lamp at top.
FR2097819 H 1972 G.A.Dotto   …. ??? Conducting ring for the treatment of abnormal cells in a living being.
FR2101439 D2-D3 1972 M.Mathieu   Riding and gliding bed toilet for sick bed.
FR2107806 A-D1 1972 B.Kempf B   Switching slowly on and off e.g. of light.
FR2149300 H 1973 M.P.J.Duchaine B   New elemnt: Sulfenium.
FR2159207 B-J 1973 F.Calvin   Speaking cq noise making medailles or plaquettes.
FR2160750 D1-E1 J.Ortal B   Wings for a human being to fly.
FR2184121 A 1973 J.C.Drouet   Kind of calculating tool to determine the propagation speed of forest fires.
FR2206039 D1-H 1974 A.Borgna   Use of human energy to let an electro engine work.
FR2213724 G-J 1974 S.Yanase   Music box in the shape of a half japanese half Western house.
FR2222711 E32-F 1974 J.A.L.Denat   Prevention of e.g. car theft by an emaille shield wit h e.g. the name.
FR2275942 H 1976 A.Greze   Communication through brain waves.
FR2331267 H 1977 B.Auriol   Communication through telepathy.
FR2340908 H 1877 R.A.Guasco   Purification of solids or liquids by placing them under a pyramid.
FR2349148 H 1977 J.Bersez   Orientaion of a pendel as game and as judgement of God.
FR2399153 H 1979 R.Petrovic   Picture of the cosmos through rotating bicycle wheels and pencil stumps.
FR2438869 D1 1980 J.Billaud   Calculating disc to determine the blood alcohol percentage.
FR2444693 D3 1980 H.J.Knoblauch (!) B   Synthetic turd. (=DE2855062).
FR2451707 H 1980 M.P.Tessier W15   Keep grain corns as animal feed, let them germinate and grow in a magnetic field.
FR2495277 G 1982 F.Abitbol   Dome where a dancing couple can be private.
FR2499522 A-D1 1982 L.Poilane   Wine decanter with covering plate resting on the wine.
FR2509609 D1 1983 J.Thiebaud   Tooth past containing charcoal.
FR2510788 A-D1 1983 G.Willocq   Pooring can with ring with an opening with a discrete dish for the waiter.
FR2515949 A 1983 R.P.G.Delenatte B   Electronic box on which a prayer can be indicated (hands-free.).
FR2519788 G 1983 D.E.Elatri   Puzzle containing sawed pieces of text or a picture.
FR2523307 A-D1 1983 M.Cantegrit   Keeping wine in a bottle by upwards sliding bottle.
FR2523691 B 1982 R.Lievin   Lighting rattle.
FR2523809 C 1983 A.Kubler   Dog equipped with a receiver so he can be caled from a distance.
FR2530460 D2-H-J 1984 F.Moulin   Tube shaped enclosure for the treatment of a schizofrenic patient.
FR2530461 A-B 1984 R.Bois B   Feeding bottle with warming plate.
FR2534125 D1 1984 J.Allard   Band under chin to support travellers in car or airplane.
FR2534146 G 1984 F.J.M.Croix-Marie   Standing panel with board game to prevent players to look at the others half.
FR2565725 D2 1985 P.Braillon   Kind of peek a boo system to know the interaction with medicines.
FR2572289 D2-H 1986 Ch.Lembeye   Piled half wood sphers could cure cancer.
FR2572290 D2-H 1986 Ch.Lembeye   Wooden pendel half covered with copper could cure diseases like cancer.
FR2575856 B-E32 1986 A.Schmidt   Roud in which curvy sound tracks.
FR2580821 H 1986 R.Quehen B   Divining rod made of two metal bars.
FR2582911 H 1986 Y.Jegou   Keeping food fresh. Razors sharp etcetera by placing them in pyramid.
FR2583973 D1-D3 1987 E.de Canecaude B   Person is weighed at the same time when he goes to the toilet.
FR2584492 D1-D3 1987 G.E.Grieshaber B   Measuring the tempersture of two persons with a temperature sensitive dye.
FR2586760 H 1987 E.M.Georgel   Perpetuum mobile: Rotatinh wheel working through upward pressure.
FR2588652 G 1987 J.L.Chevallier   Apparatus to determine the correct distance of the balls in Jeu de Boule.
FR2594583 G 1987 Y.Jacquet B   Flute or similar in the shape of a snake.
FR2600068 I 1987 J.Laurent B   LED means here: Lupus 'Érythémateux Disséminé' and not LED.
FR2601599 G 1988 J.A.Pinol Puig   Table football game (!).
FR2605213 D3 1988 A.Hoang B   Inflatable artificil penis.
FR2606916 D1-J 1988 C.Larcher   Indicating with lamps in e.g. earrings how one is feeling.
FR2611306 D2 1988 N.Kitagishi B   Composition of magnets to combat pain.
FR2617609 B-D3 1989 R.Gladysz   Music indicates if the child has done something in the potty.
FR2617624 D2 1989 J.Le Mouel   Proving the effectiveness of fluor against caries in a vessel with two fake teeth; one dissolves and the other doesn't.
FR2644976 H 1990 H.J.Lueg (Althoff) Z   Stimulating plant growth by burying a permanent magnet with the roots.
FR2660986 J 1991 J.M.Marcaide Osoro Z   Making an artificial star sky.in the room by a panel with holes in front of a light source.
FR2698525 D1-D3 1994 A.Miglio-Micucci Z   Underpants with a closure that gives a signal when it is not closed.
FR2702443 D1-G J.Menager   Back-stroke swimming on a kind of under water bicycle.
FR2712142 A-C D.Ramirez   Receiving bag for dog poop on an adjustable handle.
FR2715859 G 1995 M.Jammes   Ski instructor is skiing with a mirror on his back enabling the student to see himslef and allowing him to adjust his posture.
FR2716370 A-B-D1 M.Zanetti   Comforter with a musical box.
FR2717703 D1-G 1995 V.Beconin J   Glasses with extra lenses to get more precise in golfing.
FR2718931 A 1995 B.Ferrer J   Display for use in a shop in the shape of a womans figure.
FR2725535 B-G B.Hernandez   Ski poles usable as tripod for a camera.
FR2727144 A G.J.Humbert   Inflatable double roof that can be put in a sloped position on heavy snow fall.
FR2729276 A-D3 N.Gassier   Box on arm (like a wrist watch) used to carry a condom.
HU163388 I 1975 E.Csanda   There are 7 inventors whose individual contributions are given in percentages.
JP48068722 D2 1973 T.Yoshida   Cure for hemorrhoids made from baby mice, rats or rabbits immersed in oil. GG
JP49102819 D1 1974 T.Maeno   Life elixir: With infrared irradiated pressed leaves of the coconut.
JP51094834   (Derwent Abstract). ??? Heat sensitive, original film for projection which gives images with sharp contrast and high resolution.
JP56030922 D2 1981 J.A.Hakrich   Adding citrus juice and aspirin to alcoholic bevarages to prevent a hangover.
JP56148706 I 1981 Y.Nishimura B   Publish characteristics of a patent in the Patent Gazette enabling easy retrieval of that patent.
JP56151822 D1-H 1981 Y.Nakamatsu   Warm feet and a cool forehead increase the brain activity.
JP57052039 B-D1 1982 S.Mukoujima   Hands-free taking photographs by mounting the camera on a helmet.
JP57086283 D1 1982   Dry wine in powder form. GG
JP57086284 D1 1982   Alcoholic beverage prepared by by fermenting water chestnut and rice.
JP57154102 C 1982 T.Mori   Killing insects by spraying with alcohol; destroys the attached bacteria at the same time.
JP58009544 E32-H 1983 K.Yamada Z   Car drives on road with pressure sensitive sensors that drive a generator.
JP58040084 D1 1983 A.Furuya   Health drink by submerging a living tortoise in sake and subsequently mixing the filtered liquid with alcohol.
JP58075565 D1-D2-H 1983 S.Yatabe   Changing the taste of wine and whisky by drilling holes in a piece of stone; the stone itself can cure toothache, drives away the smell of fresh fish and makes the laundry look more beautiful.
JP58121780 D1-D2 1983 S.Majima   Drinking 100 cc of diluted boiled sea water cures the hangover of the habitual drinker.
JP58155068 D1 1983 K.Nakanishi   Pulverized granite as food additive to e.g. noodles.
JP59000130 D1 1984 K.Tajima   Glasses with a pattern give more beautiful eyes.
JP59014441 C 1984 T.Yamazaki   Catching harmful insects by filling holes in a tree trunk with nice smells.
JP59021619 D2 1984 T.Shiyoukaku Z   Medicine against sprained foot by bathing in vinegar with newspapers and folders.
JP60098979 D1 1985 T.Hodaka B   Preparation of tomato wine.
JP60170155 J 1985 H.Matsuno Z   Dischargelamp with phosphorous particles which fall like in an hour-glass - if the lower part is full one can just turn the lamp upside down.
JP60190718 D1-D2 1985 S.Majima   Drink for habitual drinker made from diluted sea water.
JP60219684 H-J 1985 N.Shirotani   Customizing people to the American way of life by having them watching US video's. GG
JP60220188 D1 1985 S.Shiyoubara   Making drinking water palatable by moving it beforehand as in a washing machine.
JP60239930 A 1985 H.Koide   Method for making optical disc unreusable by cracking in a press.
JP60263119 D1 1985 N.Aoki   Suppressing appetite by making the food dark grey and serving it in a grey environment.
JP61037052 D1 1986 I.Toukiyouten B   Baking a cake in a blown out egg shell. GG
JP61037056 A-D1 1986 S.Sato   Edible spoon (anticipation GB 470901).
JP61037083 D1 1986 T.Motomura B   Recipe for a tasteful spicy sauce.
JP61040774 D1 1986 O.T.N.K.Kumiai B   Preparing packaged potato soep with patatoes as principal material.
JP61040781 D1 1986 H.Tanaka   Getting foam on beer in glass by stretching and releasing an elastic band.
JP61061126 I 1986 M.Nishizawa   Title: "Peep show" = looking tube to observe crystal growth. GG
JP61070839 B-J 1986 H.Yoneyama   Replace the ringing sound of the telephone by e.g. a chirping bird.
JP61076977 A 1986 N.Nakamura   Cuckoo clock.
JP61146151 B-D1-J 1986 Y.Nakamatsu   Cookie with hole in it - by looking through it one can see the TV sharper. GG
JP61176801 A 1986 K.Usuda   Marking equal distances by an elastic band on which pieces of equal length are indicated.
JP61194516 D1-H 1986 J.Yamazoe B   Counting the number of strokes in the baby's name to predict its future.
JP61217888 A-D1 1986 K.Yugawa   Belt with sensor around ankle to count the number of steps; works on contraction and expansion of the Achilles' tendon.
JP61253960 A-J 1986 T.Watanabe   No audio signal when the telephone is ringing, but a signal through smell or taste.
JP61271955 D1 1986 T.Yoshida   To obtain a feed having high nutrient value easily at a low cost, by crushing the waste discharged from domestic kitchen and hardening the waste by mixing starch thereto.
JP61271957 C 1986 M.Sugihara B   Pet food of yellow ochre, calcium and fish meal.
JP62029963 D1-D2-H 1987 S.Nochi BW36   Drink for eternal youth of vinegar, vitamins, honey, ginseng etcetera.
JP62047024 H-J 1987 H.Kiyounai Z   Teachings of the holy Kobo via large-screen television in a kind of circus tent.
JP62143678 D1 1987 S.Mochizuki BW36   Prevention of drunkenness by adding of an organic acid or salt to the drink.
JP62147425 A 1987 K.Kawashima B   Sunshade on glasses or behind the ears made of urethane.
JP62175983 G-J 1987 T.Masaki   Comic strip on CD in separate scenes which can be coupled as desired, so the wolf eating Little Red Ridinghood can be changed into her eating the wolf.
JP62234024 D1-D2 1987 T.Tamura   Kind of mushroom food for psychosomatic patients.
JP62234025 D1-D2 1987 T.Tamura   Food as in JP62234024, but now for senile dementia.
JP62234026 D1-D2 1987 T.Tamura   Food as in JP62234024, but now for liver diseases.
JP62239878 H 1987 Y.Miyata   Eternelly running machine through electromagnets. GG
JP63021555 D1-D2-D3 1988 T.Saeki   Toilet with built-in continupous urine control. GG
JP63112690   (Derwent Abstract). Preparation of a combustion improver by adding to a fuel a small amount of extract of a ginseng and an alkali metal salt to a particular mixed oil, exposing the mixture to ultraviolet radiation, and conducting warmed brewing.
JP63170792 J 1988 M.Hino   Detecting and counting the movements of a labourer to determine the amount of work.
JP63173129 E32-H 1988 F.Motouma B   Improved gasoline by the addition of camphor and ginseng.
JP63270062 D1 1988 S.Sugiyama   Enriching personality by brooch with built-in ventilator with perfume.
JP63273995 D1-D2 1988 K.Hatake   Tracing device for "drowsy old man". GG
JP1170452 D3 1989 H.Furumoto B   Making of a condom ("Dutch pessary"?).
JP1176695 H 1989 Y.Shikauchi   Using electromagnetic waves for longevity of all kind of things (clothing, food, gas, water, earth etcetera).
JP1215229 C 1989 M.Kashiwajima   Diaper for birds. GG
JP2161876 J 1990 Y.Nakamatsu Z   Seeing the TV sharper through a small hole in a book.
JP2193548 A-B 1990 T.Ishinaka Z   Lamp on faucet, the current is generated by a generator powered by the streaming water.
JP3075986 D3-J 1991 H.Arakawa Z   Personal customer guide with recorder which automatically recognizes the gender.
JP3121028 D3 1991 H.Yamada Z   Changing spilled urine in toilet on a ribbled mat to a gel (see picture!). GG
JP4310610 I 1992 E.Morisane Z   Floopy disk device.
JP5115516 D1 1993 Y.Ishida   Container with the remains of a deceased to be buried in the cosmos.
JP7124331 H 1995 A.Hirokazu Z   Device controlled by brain waves - e.g. for video games.
JP7213046 H 1995 S.Masahiro Z   Permanent magnetic perpetuum mobile.##$Power machine which generates rotational motion without using other energy, by using the force of repulsion and attraction by the magnetic force line of a permanent magnet.
JP7222429 H 1995 U.Kenji Z   Continuous rotary motion by a combined composition of permanent magnets.
JP7231645 H 1995 Y.Toyoo Z   Rotating machine with eletromagnets.
JP8184637 H 1996 T.Wataru Z   On fabrication of semiconductor chips testing them in a peculiar circuit.
JP8270241 H 1996 U.Osami Z   TV usable in damp spaces by an opening in the case with an air bag.
JP8331993 C 1996 K.Katsue Z   Towel for pets.
JP9021382 H 1997 K.Masaru Z   Generator without fuel, using air pressure.
JP9038090 H 1997 M.Hiroaki Z   Cheap diagnosis at home of defect TV by ultrasonic probe.
JP9105600 H 1997 S.Takashi Z   Power source for a rocket through fast rotating magnets. GG
Kroatië Croatia
HR920117 D1-E1 1992 B.Grgic J   Wings for a human to fly as a bird.
The Netherlands
NL6611346 G-I 1968 G.J.v.d.Braak B   Electronic dice; peculiar text like "Forbidden to grant patent".
NL6716051 D2-H 1968 A.Kallenborn   Supplying energy to people by generating thermoelectricity between different skin layers. (epidermis and hypodermis ??).
NL7011184 D3 1972 D.G.M.Doevelaar J   Rubber stimulatot for female sex organs.
NL7004551 I 1970 B   Clothing for hotheads.
NL7200817 I 1973 W.A.Epping   Braking cylinder; In the first ten lines alone ten big spelling errors.
NL7502964 H 1975 G.Fantuzzi   Absorbing free or biological energy onder a pyramid or cone.
Patent number? NTV A-D1 1982 I.J.Peers   Shadowmaker: round board on stick keeps the sun away from a cool drink.Octrooinummer mist ???
NL8202715 D1 1984 H.P.Wissel   Determination of the alcohol content in blood by a slide rule or disk.
NL8600707 D1 1986 D.Born J   Boot with large floaters on the upper side to walk on water.
NL8700553 I 1988 H.E.Lowe Titel:   Cat litter which is no clay.
NL9200267 H 1993 L.Vuyk   Maintaining, growing and exploitation of a black hole (ball lightning).
NL9201533 E32 1994 F.G.G.Visser   Morris Minor from the past, but with all the new technical improements of 1992 including the bumpers and rear lights.
NL9301913 D1 1995 Chr.D.Samweils   Publishing of a car/motor journal with title: "Auto Video".
NL9400094 B-E33 1994 M.Kutter   Illumination syatem for bicycles: sidewind drives a propellor/dynamo, the generated electricity powers the lamp.
NL75270 I-J 1954 W15   Two packaged sugar lumps with the long sides packed against each other.
NL112687 I 1965 N.Kroese   Inventor is Nicolaas Kroese (from the 'Five Flies Chalet' in Amsterdam).
NL125404 D1-J 1964 V.Ollivry B   Toothpaste in two colours ('Signal').
NL141309 G 1967 F.Aarts B   Music disk to learn chords, scales etc.
NL142796 A-D1 1971 G.H.Vester B   Menstruation calendar as a calculator disk.
NL143811 D3 1971 B   Apparatus for the treatment of female genitalia.
NL144830 D1-D2 1965 W.L.Eggens B   Cure for baldness consisting of a cactus extract.
NL165035 C-G 1971 B   Toy for pets with an nice odor.
NL169029 D3 Spiraaltje.##$Coil (I.U.C.).
NL171603 I   Claim in two sentences.
NL1002838 D3 H.Segers Z   Erection supporting ring divided into sections.
NL1003501 D3 1996   Artificial man's lower body as a sex aid.
NL1003590 D1-G 1997 M.M.de Groot _ Z   Food on a glass plate, scanned, as an object of art.
NL1004284 H H.A.M.Baars Z   'Spiriphone': Raising an AM carrying wave and detection of voices on the receiver.
New Zealand
NZ248257 C-G 1993 M.K.Liao J   Toy dog generating liquid and sound.
NZ257358 A-B 1993 S.C.Penrith J   Bottle which upside down can be used as a drinking glass.
AT142022 D3 1935 W.Somer   "Member holder".
AT145821 D3 1936 J.Gyexey B   "Member holder".
AT400513 D3 1996 L.Trieb J   Condom that encloses the whole body.
PL168335 B-E2 1996 J.Czajewski   Boat with a huge glowing bulb at the rear side in a balloon.
PT98197 H 1993 J.R.das Neves e Silva   Free energy from a wheel rotating through gravity.
RU2023517 C-H 1994 W58   Removing bacteria by filtering contaminated water through a glass fiber grid under alternating current.
United States of America
USPlant Patent1 I-J 1931   Everblooming rose.
USD 74759 D3-G 1928 AP   Design for a fish lure (mermaid).
USD 82802 G 1930 Walt E. Disney C   Mickey Mouse-figure.
USD 86224 G 1932 M.Fleischer C   Design for a doll: Betty Boop.
USD 99740 E1 1936 E.F.Wagner C   Tailless monoplane.
USD 129255 G 1941 E.Bergen   Design for a doll head.
USD 156687 G 1950 R.Y.Allen C   Puppet for a marionette.
USD 157110 A 1950 L.Welk   Lunchbox.
USD 164658 A 1951 L.Welk   Lunchbox.
USD 166807 G-J 1952 D.Kaye   Blowout toy or the like; inventor Danny Kaye).
USD 167240 D1 1952 J.R.Tricarico   Drivers garment; has one arm.
USD 180585 G 1957 Walt Disney   Passenger carrying amusemant device.
USD 181838 A-D1-F 1958 H.Y.Clough   Diaper with pistol holster.
USD 190989 A 1961 J.V.Fonelli   Bed in th form of a heart, especially for young lovers.
USD 192048 H 1962 R.Rickard   Divining rod , special for oil.
USD 203238 A 1965 E.A.Kovacs   Cigarette holder.
USD 208057 G 1967 E.D.Field II   Manlike model to aid in teaching the martial art of karate.
USD 209730 A 1967 S.Shapiro   Boat like Bedspread.
USD 216807 G 1970 A.W.Hicks I1   Statuette (Nixon).
USD 221938 D2 1971 A.D.Valente   Examination table with Teddybear.
USD 251862 G 1979 N.Betros G   Round chessboard or checkerboard.
USD 289031 B-G 1987 E.Monostory G   Jet powered surfboard.
USD 336357 D1 1993 L.J.Gravante G   Novelty sports hat with antennes.
USD 346809 A 1994 D.Burgos   Remote controlled lawn mower.
USD 366130 A-D1 1996 M.Ordonez   Floor scraper attachment for a shoe.
USRe31006 I 1982 A.H.W.M.Schuurs   Number of citations: 61 patents and 193 other literature.
US patents from here on new hyperlink format and all FONTs removed..
US1647 K 1840 S.F.B.Morse S   Telegraph signs.
US3633 I-K 1844 Ch.Goodyear   Vulcanization of rubber; Goodyear died very poor because of his life long fight against infringement of this patent. He always won but lost all his money.
US4750 K 1846 E.Howe S   Sewing machine.
US9389 E2 1852 L.D.Phillips   Steering submarine vessels.
US10435 D2 1854 G.W.Griswold   Amputating limbs.
US11942 C-D2 1854 A.Myers   Removing tapeworms.
US16082 K 1856 H.Bessemer S   Manufacture of iron and steel.
US18691 C-F 1857 S.P.Heintzelman   Life preserver for horses.
US22148 A-C 1858 J.Perry C   Sewing machine with a horse walking in.
US23086 D1 1859 B.Harris   Hair tonic with roses, alcohol, kinine, etc. for restoring hair.
US28029 D-J 1860 Th.Windell   Monument of glass for a grave. Look at the inscription.How ?.
US35600 B-F 1862 C.M.French   Combined Plow and Cannon.
US51552 D2 1865 W.M.Butler   Improvement in spittoons for dental chairs.
US55677 A-D1 1866 W.L.Lance AC   Circled table in a restaurant which turn round above each other. Guest on both in- and outside.
US75874 G 1868 Z.P.Dederick   Steamcarriage shaped like a man.
US77101 C 1868 H.W.Rutt   Fence for poultry yard Voorkomen van wegvliegen van gevogelte door wiebelbakken op 't hek.
US79063 A-B-D1 1868 Th.J.Flagg   Neck tie can also be used as watch chain.
US79265 K 1868 C.L.Sholes S   TypeWriting Machine.
US81437 A-D1-D2 1868 F.Vester   Coffin with bell to prevent a person from being buried alive.
US88929 E32-K 1869 G.Westinghouse S   Steam Power Brake.
US90298 D1-D3 1869 F.Peters   Toilet seat consisting of 4 lavatory rolls (turn a bit after usage).
US92379 A-B 1869 AJP   Rocking Chair with Blowpipe.
US92528 E33 1869 R.C,Hemmings   Velocipede.
US100906 D1-E2 1870 C.Krejci   Life Preserver; nice figure: lookes like president Grant.
US105338 K 1870 J.W.Hyatt S   Celluloid.
US107909 F 1870 J.G.Hope   Projectile to launch in a curved path.
US109644 C-E33 1870   Velocipede powered by a dog. .
US115935 A-I 1871 M.Coston   Improvement in Pyrotechnic Night Signals. She earned $20.000.-- from the US-Government American Civil War.
US121992 D1-I-J 1871 S.L.Clemens   Improvement in adjustable and Detachable Straps for Garments ( S.L.Clemens = Marc Twain).
US132022 D1-E1 1872 W.F.Quinby   Improvement in Feathering Paddle Wheels (Fly like a bird!).
US138405 E32-K 1873 E.H.Janney S   Automatic wagon coupling.
US144792 C-D1 1873 Th.M.Prentiss   Portable Fly and Mosquito Nets.
US157124 K 1874 J.F.Glidden S   Wire Fences.
US174162 D1 1876 A   Badge with a Candy.
US174465 K 1876 A.G.Bell BS   Telegraphy.
US186962 D1 1877 W.T.Steiger   Footwarmer, which uses own breath.
US190644 C-E33 1870 F.H.C.Mey   Slate Washer.
US194047 K 1877 N.A.Otto S   Gas Motor Engine.
US205212 E33 1878 J.B.Root   Road locomotive.
US210767 1878 Th.A.Edison   "Vocal engine": making energy out of sound.
US221855 D1 1879 B.B.Oppenheimer ACI7P   Fire Escape with Parachute to escape from fire.
US223898 K 1880 Th.A.Edison   Electric bulb.
US230067 C-H 1880 D.Ruggles   Explosion in a cloud to let it rain(for farmers).
US237024 A-D1 1881 J.Kinney   Grave oramentation with hollow pipes, chains etcetera.
US245639 D1-E31 1881 S.Lay   Headrest on a stick to sleep in sitting position.
US256007 G 1882 J.W.Knell   Stage with moving background.
US256265 A 1882 S.S.Applegate J   Alarm clock with ±60 corkblocks which hit your face.
US257103 H 1882 J.Sutliff   Perpetuum mobile.
US273074 D1 1883 R.F.S.Heath   Luminescing head (easy to find).
US292504 C-E31 1884 A   Locomotive with a supply to spout water/steam ahead to frighten horses or live-stock.
US305102 C 1884 J.H,Nelson JP   Imitation cat with phosphoreyes and peppermint air to chase away mice.
US313516 D1-D2 1885 F.W.Paul   Bandage around the neck to stimulate sleeping.
US314990 E31 1885 W.Bell   Locomotive with unfoldable front and flute or spout ahead to frighten horses or live-stock.
US323416 D1 1885 A   Braces, useful to escape from a house which is on fire.
US328899 E1-E33 1885 A.J.Morrison   Railway carriage on a cable with balloons.
US346857 D1-D3 1886 W.M.Moore   Screen to prevent women from persons who want to take a glance, possible with advertising on the screen!.
US353403 D2 1886 L.L.Deckard   Anaesthetization at a dentist by electric shock.
US359921 A-C 1887 A.B.Cowan   Milking stool fastened to a milkmaid.
US363037 C-E1 1887 Ch.R.E.Wulff   Guiding a balloon with living birds (eagles, condors, etc).
US368825 C-E31 1887 A.W.Getchell   Motor for street cars driven by a horse.
US371626 D1-D2 1887 C.Redl   Electric alarm device in coffin.
US382280 K 1888 N.Tesla S   Induction engine.
US383010 A-B-G 1888 Jrestein   Child on a swing as driving force for a washing machine, etc.
US383700 C 1888 A   Animal trap for rabbits, with door of glass which only opens to the inside and not to the outside .
US386403 E31 1888 J.W.James   Apparatus for preventing collisions of railway trains by use of a bell to keep animals away.
US387313 D2-I 1888 B.Motea   Medical compound for treatment of piles; Motea signs with an X!.
US388850 K 1888 G.Eastman   Boxfotocamera.
US395189 C 1888 W.Stanton   Mechanical bird.
US395515 A-D1 1889   Chewing gum locket.
US398984 E1 1889 R.J.Spalding   Flying machine with balloons and wings on a person.
US400131 D1-E31 1889 H.M.Small   Hammock for in a train to sleep in a sitting position.
US400665 K 1889 Ch.M.Hall S   Manufacture of aluminum..
US411779 E1 1889 N.H,Borgfeldt   Zeppelin with rowing boat.
US411988 A-D1 1889 M.E.Harrington   Mustache guard and spoon.
US425083 A-D3 1890 G.W.Bower   Closet with door that opens when two or more persons are inside.
US432728 D1 1890 A.L.Eliel   Hat ventilator. .
US436532 K 1890 O.Merganthaler S   Machine for producing linotypes, type matrices.
US439467 B-C 1890   A Combined match safe, pinchcushion and mousetrap.
US439852 A-B 1890 S.Arcus   Combined chair, tabel and washingmachine, etc.
US445838 A-J 1891 A.L.Larkin   Turntable with changeable signs "bacon for 7,5 ct/pond"!.
US451061 D2 1891 H.C.Magnusson   Artificial head for dentist's use (students).
US453878 A-D3 1891 G.W.Bower   Time signal for closets.
US455446 D1-D2 1891 W.H.White   Bell for a person buried alive by means of a rope on a finger to give a sign. .
US460451 D1 1891 L.H.Shaw C   Anti-snoring device (strap around chin).
US462795 H 1891 L.Gathmann B   Method of producing rain-fall by using a gas explosion.
US465548 D1 1891 W.H.White C   Detection method for person buried alive.
US473608 B-D1-D2 1892 W.G.A.Bonwill   Ear trumpet.
US481451 B-G 1892 J.H.Wheeler C   Musical instrument and umbrella.
US484065 D1 1892 C.C.Taylor   Suspensory garment to carry a baby.
US490964 B 1893 Th.W.Helm ACP   Mechanical horse.
US500013 D1-D2 1893 A.Kwiatkowski   Warning for person being burried alive.
US508753 E1 1893 E.Pynchon   Air ship.
US515001 C-G 1894 W.R.Lamb AC   Catching fish with bait before a mirror to make the fish jealous.
US536360 E31 1895 H.L.Simmons   Trains which drive above each other to prevent a crash.
US538521 D1 1895 J.Kelly   Shower bath with a shower around the neck of a person.
US541384 A-D1 1895 B.F.Pascoe   Napkin holder in a butterfly-tie.
US542846 K 1895 R.Diesel S   Dieselengine.
US543086 D1-G 1895 J.Donovan   Registering armor for boxing, registrates every hit.
US544816 E1 1895 B   Flying wings for a person. .
US549160 K 1895 G. B. Selden   Road engine. Benzin-car. .
US556248 D1 1896 J.C.Boyle   Saluting hat-device.
US560351 D1 1896 M.Goetze   Device for producing dimples in a woman's face.
US582320 C 1897 AJ Sparks   Device for preventing hens from setting.
US586025 A-B-C 1897 R.M.Gardiner ACI7   Combined grocer's package, slicer and mouse and ply.
US586145 C-G 1897 J.Sievers   Hunting decoy, with twp persons in the harnass of a cow.
US586193 K 1897 G.Marconi S   Radio.
US587237 D2 1897 H.Sanche   Treatment of nerve disease by using electricity; nice pictures.
US587358 D1 1897 S.Anderson   Mouthpiece for preventing snoring.
US606887 D2 1898 J.B.Campbell   Electric extraction of poison from a human with the use of an electrode around ear and foot.
US611653 C-J 1898 D.C.Standiford   Milk refigaration and delivery apparatus formed like a cow.
US616049 A-C 1898 F.M.Archer   Electrical bedbud exterminator.
US636430 C-F 1899 F.Hieke   Cavalry equipment (a horse with a lance).
US641201 A 1900 J Fleischer   Siphon spout for poison liquids. .
US643789 A 1900 L.Ederer   Alarmbed, turns over to wake you up.
US646065 D1 1900 S.L.Bligh   Shaving by using a whetstone.
US650082 E33-F 1900 A.A.Neubauer   Bicycle attachement to hurt a thief.
US661619 K 1900 V.Poulsen B   Wire-recorder.
US672047 D2 1901 H.E.Waite   Electrode for giving a medicin.
US677423 E1-E31 1901 G.A.Owen   Mail service system with containers hanging on a rail.
US680578 A-D1 1901 Th.Ferry   Mustache guard for use during a meal.
US684030 F-H 1901 W.F.Wright   Apparatus for producing rain by firering through a cloud.
US712354 D1-G 1902 Th.C.Best   Cheek expanding pad.
US726131 A-C-F 1903 J.S.Barnes   Coyote alarm in the form of a scarecrow with a gun.
US730918 C 1903 A.Jackson   Eye protector for chickens.
US748284 D1-D2 1903 J.Karwowski   Method of preserving a dead.
US774624 A 1904 J.Waters   Electric cigar lighter in the form of a telephone.
US777369 E32 1904 H.Hayes   Car with mechanical horse.
US779179 A-D1 1905 L.Perotti   Automatic cradle plays music when baby cries.
US790537 A-D1 1905 E.A.Thayer   Hands free mirror support.
US792447 A-B-D1 1905 L.Perotti   Weighing and automatic cradle.
US810277 A 1906 V.M.Hollyday   Attachement for chair (Double chair).
US811913 F 1906 S.T.Foster   Electric gun (without smoke or noise).
US819814 D3-H 1906 J.M.Seibert C-G   Initiation apparatus for a person to become a member of a secret organization.
US821164 G 1906 H.Helbig   Theatre with very broad escape stairs.
US821393 E1-K 1906 O.Wright S   Flying machine(double-winged).
US828227 C 1906 A   Feeding device for poultry in a way to keep them in condition.
US850978 D1 1907 I.N.Soares C   Nose shaper.
US868632 C-G 1907 G.A.Almstrom   Mechanism for dispensing eggs and other commodities.
US873315 C-G 1907 The Great Lafayette   The great Lafayette theatrical device.
US875845 D1-D3 1908 E.E.Perkins   Sexual armor for preventing masturbation.
US883611 C 1908 J.Barad   Device employed for exterminating rats, mices and other animals.
US886746 A-B-D1 1908 E.Walter   Mirror attachement for a knife to inspect tooth.
US889928 A 1908 G.Hogan   Time alarm (uses dropping water to wsake up a person).
US898379 D1 1908 L.F.Liebhardt C   Antisnoring device.
US901407 D1-D2 1908 G.H,Willems   Mirror to look into a grave to see if there is any reflection.
US910800 C 1909 S.W.Edminston   Pumping apparatus which pumps water according the weight of the animal.
US912152 D1 1909 P.Nigro C   Way to escape from a houde on fire by using wings and fly away like a bird.
US921902 US920902 in Aalts versie D1 1909 Th.H.Bartlett   Hairtonic preprared from pigmeat, beanes, talc and oliveoil.
US922956 C 1907   Electric shock for dog who wants to urinate against a building.
US930758 I-K 1909 H.R.Hughes   A boring drill (patent to lease; is worth billions).
US939431 D1 1909 F.W.E.Müller   Hairtonic prepared from raisins, sugar, whiskey and port.
US942809 K 1909 L.H.Baekeland S   Condensation product known as bakelite.
US947929 C 1910 L.A.Nelson   Fence post with rest for birds.
US949414 D1 1910 A   Nursing attachement for feeding a baby without uncovering the breast.
US953224 F 1910 J.O'Connell   Footmat to stop a thief by sprankling with paint or a bad smellig liquid.
US964439 D1-D2 1910 A.R.Lerro   Burial casket ( person is in a sitting position).
US968325 F-G 1910 J.W.Carter   Ash kicking a doll (head goes up according the force of the kick).
US970074 C 1910 S.A.Merkley   Egg marking method ( to recognize chickens with best results).
US995037 E32-G 1911 I.Smyth   Car driven by gravitation.
US1014853 G-I 1912 L.Russell   Portable dresser trunk (Russel is theatername, real name is H.L.Leonard).
US1016164 F 1912 R.Lux   Device for protecting memebers of a court assembly (shotproof shield).
US1021323 B-D1 1911   Bubble hat.
US1033788 D1 1912 A   Bust form with inflatable cups.
US1042758 E1 1912 J.E.Bissell   Aeroplan.
US1045060 D1 1912 A.Munchausen   Hat supporting on shoulders and not on the head.
US1046177 C 1912   Device to prevent dogs from worrying sheeps by outting kind of fishhook in the nose.
US1046533 F 1912 A.Zukor   Burglar alarm. When thief opens the door the burglar is wakened by water.
US1051684 A-B 1913   Churn driven by a chair. .
US1062025 D1-D2 1913 B.H.Nichols   Hat with band to preserve blood circulation to prevent hairloss.
US1062399 D1 1913 A.M.Hess   Wrinkle remover by binding skin behind the ears.
US1066121 D1 1913 J.F.King   Bath bag.
US1087186 H 1914 S.Scholfield   Proof for the existence of a Supreme Being.
US1098691 D1-F 1914 F.P.Snow   Hat guard. .
US1117546 A-C 1914 A   Mechanical whip.
US1123683 D2 1915 Th.M.Clague   Method of extracting metals from human bodies by using electrodes and hand and feet in water.
US1129016 F 1915 W.H.Ritchie   SAfety valve for safe.
US1139351 D3 1915 E3   Tiolet appliance (toiletpaper under the seat).
US1143233 E2-F 1915 L.Schramm   Magnetical device for attracting submarines.
US1143835 D1 1915 M.Kispéter C   Life saving apparatus, with blowable compartments.
US1159804 A 1915 A   Clothpins on wheels to catch more wind.
US1160071 I 1915   787 claims, examination from 1889 to 1915.
US1165252 C 1915 H.C.Hart   Poultry roast (conveyor belt).
US1175513 D1 1916 A   Massage-apparatus with feathers.
US1180753 C 1916 W.P,Zeigler   Artificial fish bait in the form of a mirror.
US1187218 F 1916 J.Wister   Gun with a curved barrel to fire under a certain angle.
US1193607 D2 1916 B.J.Post   Elevating cuspidor for use in a dentist room.
US1198401 G 1916 A.F.Blanchard   Movie writer by using keywords.
US1203190 I 1916   Examination from october 1880 to october 1916 (36 years!).
US1212842 D1 1917 J.Stronge   Hat with eyeopening to look through.
US1240774 G 1917 Ch.F.Pidgin   Motion picture with balloons.
US1253733 C 1918 I.Semotiuk   Antibalking device for an ass.
US1260788 G 1918 E.Miller   Radioactive golfball   Metal pipe to remove rectal gas.
US1278217 J 1918 AE15   Feeding plants by shooting icecubs around the roots.
US1290140 C-D1 1919 F.W.Elleby   Mask to prevent face during milking.
US1293102 A 1918 J.D.Humphrey   Hitting by a rubber ball to wake up. (esp. for deaf people).
US1303851 C 1919 G.Carlson   Poultry desinfector.
US1314276 C-G 1919 R.Leland   Stamp for simulating animal tracks.
US1355541 A 1920 W.S.De Camp   Shovel with a counter. First US with Espacenet link that retrieves information..
US1370316 G 1921 H.Houdini   Escape in 45 seconds from a diver's suit.
US1377015 F 1921 H.N.McGrath   Gun firing device (Fires in hands-up position).
US1378669 G 1921 S.E.Feist   Female doll to practice dancing.
US1392095 F 1921 S.Valinski   Man catching tank to catch a bandit.
US1395078 C 1921 N.M.Bain   Segregate nest for locking up chickens who failed to produce eggs.
US1402263 D1-G 1922 G.T.Southgate   Exercising device for jumping with a mechanical grasshopper.
US1411312 C 1922 E.Swensen   Electrical device to use in cattle barn to learn cattle to scat om the right place.
US1429201 I 1922   298 claims, examination from 1900 to 1922.
US1436757 D1-D2 1922 J.Fishman   Attachement for a casket to have a look in the face of a burried person.
US1439874 A 1922 J.P.Dillin   Insect trap for flea.
US1442002 A-C 1923 F.Reisig   Roofing material containing cow and chicken dung, rotten apples and potatoes.
US1467934 D3-G 1923 A.Hulsmann   Amusement device. (Throwing balls on someone's back).
US1469110 A-E2 1923 H.Rosenblatt   Bottle, with a bell, for sending messages on the sea.
US1497342 D1 1924 A   Device for shaping the upper lip.
US1505942 G 1924 E.O.Blanton   Art of producing manikin actors.
US1508733 A-B 1924 F.W.Trabold   Noncombutible visiting card (ashtray like).
US1512610 C 1924 A   Sanitary cow stall.
US1517774 G 1924 L.J.Duprey   Theather seating equipment with escape possibility.
US1523989 G 1925 O.Wright   Flying doll.
US1525631 D1-D2 1925 G.S.White   Detector for controlling own breath.
US1538542 D3-E33 1925 A   bicycle seat with room for male and/or female private organs.
US1563176 F 1925 A.Eimer   Protective means for the containers of valuables.
US1567684 E32 1925 J.Srakula   Walking vehicle. .
US1603923 D1-D3 1926 A   Emergency rubber overshoe (looks very similar to a condom).
US1613688 D1 1927 D.Weisz   Umbrella cover and garment to change swimsuit etc.
US1640881 K 1927 W.L.Carlson   Radio telegraph system.
US1661036 A 1928 J.Fallek   Grapefruit shield.
US1664397 G 1928 S.J.Bens   Lost golf ball indicator (produces a fume).
US1727842 A-D3 1929 E.E.Stallworth   Heating by resistance wire (special for toilet seats).
US1744727 E32 1930 E.I.Baker   Automobile attachement in the form of a long horn.
US1748937 D2 1930 H.S.Akers   Diathermy for the treatmnent of sexual diseases.
US1749090 F 1930 H.A.Shelby   Apparatus for obtaining criminal confessions and photografically recording them.
US1767820 F 1930 R.G.Tetro   Drink collection device by using a tube in the sleeve.(as prove for clandestinal bar).
US1772232 D1 1930 A   Electric alarm for prevention of making water in bed.
US1781541 K 1930 A.Einstein   Refrigerator without any   99 pg text and 975 claims (on 106 pages) and 40 pages with images; examination from september 1852 tot august1931.
US1821057 E1 1931 A.F.Godefroy J   Means and method for loading an airplane.
US1861854 C 1932 A.H.Greene   Egg meter under the wing of a chicken.
US1865014 E32 1932 H.Karl   Automatic device for vehicles to protect pedestrians from damage at an accident.
US1888909 D1 1932 A.B.Crosthwait   Raincoat with helmet.
US1906003 A-B 1933 F.R.Green J   Cigarette ring (holder).
US1931681 A 1933 E.J.Quinby   Sound reproducer formed like a helmet.
US2009138 A 1935 Th.Cahill B   Electrical speakers placed in furniture.
US2060287 G 1936 F.J.Dofsen   Sound record. .
US2079053 C 1937 J.E.Torbert   Screenwiper on a horsetail.
US2101048 I 1937   146 pages text + 250 claims + 170 pages drawings.
US2103766 G-I 1937 T.Cahill   Synchronized sound and picture control.
US2139001 D1 1938 B.B.Cole   Scalp cooling device.
US2151330 C-G 1939 H.N.Prensky   Mechanical chicken who produce eggs.
US2159491 G 1939 A.Rose B   Musicinstrument with keyboard like a typewriter.
US2178128 D1 1939 D.H.Waite   Antisnoring apparatus.
US2193154 G 1940 A.Antinori   Display device for knife throwing.
US2198234 A-D3 1940 L.L.D.Stratton   Cigar and cigarette lighter formed like a woman.
US2204931 G-J 1940 J.N.Gonzales   Apparatus to mechanize the conjugation of Enlish verbs.
US2221776 K 1940 Ch.F.Carlson   Electron photography; Xerografy.
US2251705 A 1941 R.A.Gonzales   Artistic creation formed like a palmtree for cooling a room.
US2256052 C-E33 1941 J.A.La Bille   Bicycle with horse in front.
US2292387 F-G-I 1942 H.K.Markey   Secret communication system for control of submarines (Markey = Hedy Lamarr, componist).
US2297691 K 1942 Ch.Carlson   Electrophotography (Xerografie).
US2329551 A 1943 W.T.Moster   Music notation ruler to learn music notes.
US2376028 C-G 1945 L.F.Buck   Pig racing apparatus.
US2424348 J 1947 N.V.Casson   Hearing aid equipment for confessionals.
US2455266 A-D1 1948 E.Nudelman   Children's amusement device. A pig on the edge of a plate for stimulate eating.
US2469784 C 1949 W.Quinn   Toilet for rabbits.
US2482773 H 1949 Th.G.Hieronymus   Detection of emanation from materials.
US2509603 G 1950 M.Marin   Skying with engine on the back.
US2522906 A 1947 E1   Device for shaking a christmas tree to let the bells ring.
US2524035 K 1950 J.Bardeen   Transistor. .
US2545072 A-J 1951 F.Denman   Harvesting fruit by using a kind of vacuum cleaner.
US2561615 B-G 1951 B.Edwards   Music instrument with typewriter like keybooard.
US2577839 D1 1951 J.J.Boax   Hair singeing apparatus. Sucks hair to let it stand and knits while heating. .
US2585075 D1 1952 P.Badovinac   Earring with bell to correct the carriage.
US2594696 G 1952 A.E.Strudwick   Device for evaluating horses. Used to predict a winner of the race, formed like a ruler.
US2595153 G 1952 G.V.Malmgren   Device for evaluating horses. Used to predict a winner of the race, formed like a pencil.
US2598291 A-D1 1952 E.J.O'Brien   Mirror on the back to look at the backside of your hair.
US2599948 A-B 1952 R.E.Shvetz   Swingchair with a musicbox.
US2602846 A 1952 N.Polikoff   Alarm gives a sign as the bath is filled up, to prevent overflow.
US2602996 A 1952 Ph.Piché   Fork for eating spagetti.
US2604242 D1 1952 R.S.Vahan   Slide fastener operating system, used for closing robes on the backside.
US2606399 D1-G 1952 M.V.Graham   Burping doll.
US2607164 C-G 1952 W.C.Fenton   Electrical device to bring earthworms to the surface.
US2608083 A-B-E32 1952 R.J.D.Stokes   Washing machine attached to the wheel of a car.
US2610352 D1 1952 J.Garner   Dandruff removing appliance.
US2619084 D1 1952 A.M.Brown   Method for minimizing facial senescence by pulling up the skin.
US2619936 C 1952 F.M.Kaneski   Tieing up a cowtail in the winter when there are no flies.
US2623430 A-B 1952 K.E.Hazelton   Chair for children with a musicbox.
US2624145 C 1953 S.A.Wehn   Fishing-rod with vibrator to imitate the sound of bugs.
US2626151 G 1953 G.M.Troutman Jenks   Apparatus to prevent mismatches during golf.
US2626662 A 1953 J.E.Coogan   Calling-up device that rings more than one hour when you stay in bed( uses a photocel detector).
US2627268 D1-D2 1953 E.L.Leppich   Antisnoring device.
US2631374 D1 1953 F.A.Purdy   Apparatus for fitting clothes by using photography.
US2632266 A 1953 H.W.Sellwood   Advertising with a card with a keyhole.
US2636176 D1 1953 H.C.Ross   Double raincoat for two persons.
US2637284 F 1953 R.H.Burnell   Burglar trap.
US2645488 A-D1 1953 G.F.Jorgenson   Breakable paddle (when Daddy hits to strong).
US2646054 D1-G 1953 B.N.Greene   Device to form lips (for actresses).
US2648043 D2 1953 M.F.Grögl   Device to give a sign to dentist when he produce to much pain.
US2651300 C 1953 F.C.Fehrman   Animal mouth openers.
US2655122 C 1953 F.M.Adams   Doorbell for dogs.
US2655725 C 1953 F.C.Fehrman   Rotary grinding implement.
US2655785 E32-H-I 1953 C.H,Vlachos   Hydrolic pump and motor transmission system. Kinf of "Wonder oil" as hydraulic liquid; in 1957 unmasked by 'Wall Street Journal'.
US2659320 A-D1 1953 L.H.Browne   Apparatus to fill cakes, etc.
US2661718 C 1953 A.A.Ruport   Cooling for rabbit-hutch when the wetter is hot.
US2664241 B-C-G 1953 J.J.Sunday   Air pillow pumps air in aquarium.
US2671446 D1 1954 Ann V.S.Mann   Beauty mask for wearing during the night.
US2676421 G 1954 J.E.La Marr   Dance aid to wear on a watch.
US2679825 C 1954 J.Hazeltine   Stamp on a chicken stamps when a egg is produced.
US2703407 D3 1955 R.E.Henoch J   Toilet trainer for boys.
US2707789 D1-E2 1955 M.W.Brown   Skates for walking on water surface.
US2708656 F-K 1955 E.Fermi   Atomic bomb.
US2719715 G 1955 F.E.Leahan   Theater seats formed horse-like.
US2722153 A-B 1955 J.Greco   Fork and spoon with a flute.
US2735811 F-K 1956 A.M,Weinberg   Atomic bomb.
US2736080 I 1956 H.Walker   (Heat resistant material); Citation from the Bible: Exodus chapter 5 vs 6-8.
US2739508 D1-F 1956 J.Ch.Reed   Mirror on glasses to see if someone is shadowing you.
US2747523 A-D1 1957 E.I.Groff   Pretzel twisting machine.
US2747524 A-D1 1957 E.I.Groff   Roller apron assembly for pretzel twisting machine.
US2749922 D1 1956 J.M.Daniel   Guide for trimming sideburns.
US2767920 G 1956 W.P.Roberson   Registering boxing glove.
US2780220 D1 1957 O.M.Dyer   Breath tester for testing your own breath.
US2786477 D1 1957 J.Cohen   Guide for trimming sideburns.   Music player, starts when someone enters a toilet seat.
US2791998 A-C 1957 R.L.Decker   Nightlamp with jumping sheeps.
US2809035 C-D1-G 1957 J.W.Schumacher   Ton om zich te beschermen bij stierengevechten.
US2853897 A 1958 R.Loewy   'Remote control' for TV: long stakes on the switches!.
US2870457 A 1959 R.L.Knight   Device for cleaning a wash tube.
US2882643 F-G 1959 J.R.Dos Passos   Gun that produces balloons of soap.
US2882858 C 1958 B.A.Dlugli   Sanitary appliance for birds.
US2884739 G 1959 H.K.Katcham   Doll construction.
US2919918 D1-G 1960 C.L.Horn   Pillow for exercising Yoga.
US2928691 E32 1960 D.Gutman   Pedestrian protective device for a car.
US2930053 A 1960 R.W.Nowels   Bedmaking device.
US2934135 A-D1 1960 J.M.Lesh   Seat for children to prevent them for falling.
US2941955 K 1959 F.P.Doyle   Synthetic penicillin.
US2943184 D1 1960 E.M.Christopherson   Device with lighted mirror to look into the ears.
US2946133 D1 1960 F.A.Williams   Meditation device.
US2947008 A 1960 E.Wild   Apparatus for the daily making of beds.
US2947013 A-D1 1960 M.B.Silverman   Tooth brush with music.
US2948069 G 1960 D.M.Johnson   Method for exercising a speech for public.
US2971519 A-B 1961 w.Wilson   Combined dihwasher and table.
US2992503 G 1961 H.L.Webb   Game blind for hunters or photographs.
US2993694 G 1961 N.G.Foley   Football goal post with souvenir projector.
US2999232 D1 1961 G.J.Wilson   Alarm when mouth opens during sleep.
US3003155 D1-G 1961 F.C.Mielzynski   Hair implantation by using hair darts.
US3007441 C 1961 B.A.Eyer   Tooth brush for dogs.
US3026642 B-D1-F 1962 J.W.Ryan   Pistoll that fires when you take a deep breath in hands-up position.
US3031095 A-D1-E2 1962 W.C.Longhren   Bottle, easily broken to baptise a ship.
US3036386 G-J 1962 J.F.Seligmann   Ryme method.
US3037480 C 1962 J. de Silva   Nest hammock for mink.
US3038655 C-G 1962 M.H.Hill   Calculator to calculate time a racehorse.
US3045064 G 1962 J.S.Sellers   Sound from a game transported to the public.
US3046657 C 1962 A.Rood Menter   Protective covering for tooth of a cow.
US3053416 F 1962 G.S.Harner   Thief detecting device. (marks money with paint).
US3058392 D1 1962 R.C.Primeau   Spectacles to keep one eye to look in front and one in lower direction.
US3058456 B-F 1962 L.Ellis   Walking aid with gun.
US3071410 D1 1963 G.D.Gaskins   Baby burp seat.
US3075565 A 1963 C.R.Weaver   Equal share pie-cutting device.
US3083295 D1 1963 R.F.Baker   Safety coat for pedestrians with greenlight in front and red on the back.
US3087728 G 1963 A.Pond III   Golfstick with a weak area for people who become angry.
US3087857 C 1963 W.D.Davis   Mouth water against bad breathe.
US3089130 A-D2 1963 G.J.Wilson   Microfone above snorring person let shake the bed to wake him up.
US3091043 D1-G 1963 E1J   Aid for twist-dancing.
US3091888 D1-G-I-J 1963 R.w.Patch (5 jr)   Toy Truck made from old materials.
US3104508 C 1963 H.G.O'Hare   Mask for cows to prevent them from flies.
US3105464 C 1963 P.J.Scray   Bird insecticide dispencer formed like a bird.
US3120202 F 1964 J.W.Fisher   Means for preventing thefts.
US3120359 E1 1964 L.E.Sprecher   Aircraft with two motors on equal distance.
US3122130 C 1964 A.W.Brown   Automatic suckling pig feeder (formed like a pig).
US3123044 C 1964 H.E.Birch-Iensen   Counter for eggs mounted on a chicken.
US3123404 A-G 1964 W.G.Dunn   Seat for learning horse-riding.
US3125368 A-B-E32 1964 R.D.Bonnelly   Combined bumper and bottle opener.
US3129001 G 1964 P.Winchell   Mask look like a person who stand upside down.
US3137862 D1-F 1964 B.Mizerak   Underpants with secret plastic bag for money.
US3138743 K 1964 J.S.Kilby   Basical Integrated circuit (1 transistor + 1 condensator).
US3140543 C 1964 A.Rood Menter   Under tooth for cows.
US3148640 F 1964 N.Billi   Trap for a bandit in case of bank robbery.
US3155957 J 1964 A.J.Parissi   Church ceremony.
US3166049 C 1965 L.A.Lundin   Device for preventing a sow from lying her porklings to death.
US3173415 D1 1965 S.Rubin   Device for massage of the head during Yoga.
US3174245 F 1965 J.L.Martin   Robbery protective device destroys money by explosion.
US3176695 C 1965 Ch.Mueller   Nail cutter for dogs.
US3186749 A 1965 G.A.Dawes   Spring connected chopsticks.
US3188712 A-D1 1965 E.E.Bauermeister   Vertical casket   Pant with plastic pipes to prevent for snakes.
US3211132 C 1965 D.Hersh   Pant for dogs. .
US3216423 D1-D2 1965 G.B.Blonsky   Apparatus for facilitating the birth of a child by centrifugal force. A bell gives a sign for the birth.
US3224442 D1-D2 1965 J.M.Stubbs   Hookes around tooth, to keep mouth shut, to prevent smoking and eating.
US3227362 C 1966 P.H.Laten   Pricker with electrical shocks for use on animals.
US3228394 C-D1 1966 W.A.Ayres   Gills for a human to swim under water.
US3230929 C 1966 J.D.Thomas   Dog toilet.
US3235879 I 1966   Very long patent (384 pages).
US3237204 A-D1 1966 Ch.C.Honsaker   Cheap eye-shead for wearing over glasses.
US3238874 A-J 1966 R.R.Richards   Detonating fire alarm.
US3241562 D1 1966 J.Gronier   Automatically programmable hair cutter.
US3244086 F 1966 R.J.Graghead   Way to photograph people (e.g hunters) who damage roadsigns.
US3244168 D2-D3 1966 Th.J,Bayard   Vibrating toilet seat for preventing obesity or as massage.
US3250533 G 1966 J.P.Nicholson   Mechanical partner for exercising boxing.
US3255018 D1 1966 A.J.Comollo   Addition of over 40 tannic components to chewing to prevent sticking on denture.
US3257990 C 1966 F.Robertson   Support for ears of a dog to let them stand.
US3258790 A 1966 T.T.Maru   Head pillow with three parallel rests.
US3259105 C 1966 R.H.Shepard   Swimming pool for training horses.
US3274682 D1 1966 J.H.Worthington   Radiosignal in shaver controlls smoothness.
US3297324 C-G 1967 G.Evans   Amusement devices: chicken plays basketball.
US3299891 D2 1967 R.L.Smeton   Hypodermic syringe for dental use (formed like a rabbit).
US3303821 C 1967 L.R.Harris   Mechanical cattle to train horses.
US3308479 D1 1967 W.A.Sesco   Dolls for use in barberchair (Batman en Robin).
US3309791 C 1967 G.L.Kelley   Artificial insemination teaching apparatus.
US3313250 F 1967 L.A.Turano   Trap to prevent robbery of a bank.
US3320757 D1-D2 1967 R.Pauliukonis   Conservation of human bodies in liquid nitrogen.
US3323493 C 1967 L.Pemberton   Bull control device.
US3326045 D1 1967 D.Vrsalko   Choosing clothes according the weather.
US3331270 C 1967 S.W.Perkins   Mouseproving device for piano's.
US3343495 E31-E33 1967 D.R.Petrik   Train on iceblocks instead of wheels.
US3347299 F 1967 V.Alexander   Arms and ammunition handbag for female cops.
US3347587 A-C 1967 J.D.Frost   Automatical hand to pick fruits.
US3348230 D1 1967 F.Lamour   Cilindrycal hat made of paper ("chef's hat").
US3353191 D1 1967 H.W.Dahly   Hat with ventilator driven by sunpower.
US3354922 A 1967 W.James   Plastic bag to prevent crying during preparation of onions.
US3376585 A 1968 J.E.Mazaurieta   Music from musicbox in mattress.
US3417743 D3 1968 R.Carrera   Device to train young married couples sexual intercourse.
US3426747 D2 1969 H.Z.Marx   Heart-alarm.
US3439901 A 1969 R.P.McCulloch   Apparatus for tossing salads.
US3473526 D2 1969 H.Z.Marx   Heart-alarm.
US3484829 E33 1969 Ch.A.Erickson   Standing fixture for bicycle passenger.
US3490410 G 1970 J.M.Crawford   Crapping mittens for increasing crowd clapping effect.
US3520060 D2 1970 C.L.Crabtree   Head for practisizing X-ray photography for dentist students.
US3552388 D1 1971 Th.V.Zelenka US3552388 D1 1971 Th.V.Zelenka   Device for getting a baby asleep by soft hitting on the back.
US3561402 C 1971 S.Ishida   Artificial refuge reef for fish.
US3566988 A 1971 J.D.Wise   Driverless lawn mawer ( returns automatically to the barn).
US3572696 G 1971 D.B.Poynter   'Walking' golfbal (find the hole automatically).
US3574386 A-C 1971 J.D.Frost   Automatic fingers to harvest fruit.
US3580173 A-G 1971 A.Machet   Exploding bottle with presents.
US3585653 a 1971 N.A.Forbes   Automatic lavatoiry system. Starts automic when a person comes near.
US3597861 A 1971 D.J.Gordon   Spoon with inscription "Mama's little helper".
US3599606 C 1971 D.W.Hayward   Animal scratching device.
US3600807 D1 1971 S.H.Sipos   Odoriferous dental implant for good breath.
US3601828 D1-E2 1971 B.R.Fairchild   Shoes for walking on water.
US3603290 C 1971 D.B.O'Rork   Pet-operated animal toilet.
US3611983 A 1971 J.D.Wise   Automatic building painting device.
US3641591 I-K 1972 W.J.Kolff   Artificial heart; never asked a patent for the kidney.
US3648371 D1-F 1972 C.Petrosky   Ring with knife inserted for rape protection.
US3653145 C-H 1972 D.M.Stout   Controlling houseflies by using a strip with painted dead flies.
US3653538 B-E32 1972 R.L.Lamar   Programmed car for delivery of newspapers.
US3655325 B-D1-D2 1972 L.R.Toppel   Artificial pack of cigarets that coughs when it is touched.
US3656187 A-B-D1-D2 1972 E.A.Katz   Artificial hand to play violin.
US3672075 C-G 1972 M.J.Eikelenboom   Iron horse to learn horse riding.
US3673567 C 1972 J.F.McClellan   Remote dog-bark suppressor.
US3678901 C 1972 W.J.Dulle   Amusement device for birds formed like a mirror.
US3685088 C 1972 H.Doherty   Dog's excrement collector made of paper.
US3688742 C 1972 M.H.McGee   Extra toiletseat for pets.
US3704470 D1-D3-G 1972 E.V.Beno   Pocket item for amusement(mini panties).
US3712271 D1-D3 1973 R.F.Greathouse   Ring on both teeth to prevent spreading legs during laying in the sun.
US3715549 D3 1973 L.G.Kraff   Music during flushing a toilet.
US3716263 C 1973 A.C.Gatti   Refuse collecting device to collect dog dirt.
US3723053 I 1973 Ch.F.Myers   Patent of a bankrupt company (semiconductor).
US3769176 H 1973   Biosynthesis of micro-organism by fermentation in zero gravity situation.
US3771181 D1-G 1973 R.C.Dansereau   Floating device attached to a body to sail on water.
US3783550 G 1974 R.W.Andrews   Novelty electric motor.
US3841328 F 1974 J.Jensen   Airplane hijacking injector.
US3844840 B-D1 1974 R.G.Bender   Helmet with suncollector for radio.
US3866189 H 1975 J.L.Berger   Recording and playback-device.
US3868261 I 1975 N.Cassens Titel:   "Refractory motor", but seems to be "mortar".
US3870296 C-G 1975 J.F.Ellis   Amusement device simulating an animal leash.
US3870318 D3 1975 D.B.Poynter   Musicbox on backside of a toilet, plays when setting on.
US3900018 C-D2-H 1975 C.Piunno   Cross used for rerduction of pain from mosquito-bite.
US3900991 G 1975 W.W.Kosicki   Ventriloquist doll.
US3911752 A 1975 J.L.Olson   Remote control of TV by using a cord.
US3925212 I 1975 D.I.Tchernev   Device for solar energy; as citation is found: US3615854 Emmasingel.
US3934284 A-B 1976 J.R.Paletta   Bed with two round plates on the end with mirrors and loudspeakers.
US3937939 A-D1 1976 M.A.Frenkel   Calculator, pencil like, can be used with one hand.
US3940747 K 1976 G.K.Kuo   RAM-chip (16 k). .
US3946505 B-D1 1976 A.Dana   Shoes with removable lighted heel.
US3947025 G 1976 J.M.Hobby   Exercise device form armwrestling.
US3952222 I-K 1976 A.Rose   TV-camera tube; granted after 21 jaar.
US3962784 J-K 1976 E.W.Tietjens   Dry shaving apparatus 'First knife lift the hair, second cuts it off'.
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WO8000172 H 1980 E.J.Commins   Perpetuum mobile working with upwards pressure in a paddle wheel.
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WO8303979 D1 1983 M.Nishioka   Frame in which one can hang upside down from time to time; is beneficial for a good health.
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WO9324099 D1 1993 D.Clark-Wilson J   Hair growth promoting apparatus where you ly down on and than turn until your head is downwards (bodily fluids go to the scalp).
WO9324910 F 1993 A.Ishibashi J   Burglar is marked with ink when breaking into the house.
WO9404117 D3 1994 P.Deutschmann   Massage-device for erogenic zones in the shape of balls with lips.
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WO9609863 G 1996 E.Stavinsky   Card game looks like Black Jack, but it reads "Russian Roulette" on the playing table.
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WO9627172 J 1996 R.J.Annesley   Alarmsignal from plastic strip with a message which can be pushed under the door.
WO9628222 G 1996 S.N.Winters   Learning how th ski with a kind of pulley above the snow.
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WO9911925 H 1999 G.H.S.Elfouly G   Energy converter in pyramid shape.
South Africa
ZA 9304219 A 1994 J   Umbrella with a flat side face enabling on to stand against a wall.
Zweden Sweden
SE7402953 H 1974 K.R.Jakobson   Kind of relativity theory.
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CH689371 A-D3 1999 P.Rippstein J   Apparatus to train the appropriate muscles in case of incontinence.
CH669084 A-B 1989 R.Weber J   Umbrella (parasol) with a sundial.