Seminar: Patent Citations

Datum en tijd:16 jun 2017 10.00 - 16.00 (ontvangst vanaf 9.30)
Locatie:Jaarbeurs Utrecht
3521 AL Utrecht
Maximum aantal deelnemers:60

It is mandatory to register for this seminar before 9 june 2017 via WON secretary.

In principal no more than 2 participants per company will be admitted, however if more than 2 participants of the same company are interested they will be placed on a waiting list.
In case the maximum of participants is not reached they will be admitted. No costs are involved for WON members. Admittance is on a first come first served basis

Once your registration is completed, a confirmation message will be sent by our secretary.


Welcome and Introduction to patent citationsAalt van de Kuilen10.00-10.25
Citation search with QuestelFabienne Persijn / Roland Gissler, Questel10.25-11.00
Citation searching with STNBart de Vries, Cobidoc11.15-11.50
Forward and backward citations: a powerful toolPaul van Elburg, Shell11.50-12.15
Use citations to boost your searchManuela Popescu, ASML13.00-13.25
Beyond the search into the analysis: the use of citations for patent landscapingMaria Antunica, PatentSight13.25-14.00

Exercises will be sent to the participants 2-3 weeks before the seminar.